Milano® Slimline mobile hygiene station
  • Code(s): 1049
Milano® Wide procedure cart
  • Code(s): VI34W (2.2.1)
Milano® Wide instrument and dressing trolley with double drawers
  • Code(s): 3669
Milano® Three drawer medication cart
  • Code(s): 687
Milano® Storage basket with side rail
  • Code(s): VMS+VPR-2
Milano® Standard procedure cart
  • Code(s): SC32PRO
Milano® Six drawer mini medication cart
  • Code(s): NC3706-CT
Milano® Single drawer equipment cart
  • Code(s): EC5311
Milano® Secure medical cabinet
  • Code(s): 3790
Milano® Procedure cart 2,2,1 drawers
  • Code(s): MX34PRO-CT
Milano® Procedure cart 2,1,1 drawers
  • Code(s): MX28PRO-CT
Milano® Procedure cart 1,3,1 drawers
  • Code(s): MX37PRO-CT