Silvalea® Silva-Supreme general purpose bariatric sling
  • Code(s): 6631S, 6632S, 6633S, 6630S
Silvalea Plus In-situ recline sling
  • Code(s): 6607S, 6608S
Silvalea Disposable sling with loops
  • Code(s): 6568S, 6569S, 6570S, 6571S
Silvalea Disposable sling with clips
  • Code(s): 6574S, 6575S, 6576S, 6577S
Silvalea Bliss stand aid sling
  • Code(s): 6562S, 6563S, 6564S, 6565S
Silvalea Walking harness
  • Code(s): 6491S, 6492S, 6493S, 6494S, 6495S
Silvalea Universal deluxe sling with head support
  • Code(s): 6549S, 6550S, 6551S, 6552S, 6553S
Silvalea Toileting mesh sling
  • Code(s): 6468S, 6469S, 6470S, 6471S, 6472S, 6473S, 6474S
Silvalea Superfine Plus Tinkham sling
  • Code(s): 6620S, 6621S, 6622S
Silvalea Superfine Plus in-situ straight leg sling
  • Code(s): 6595S, 6596S, 6597S, 6598S
Silvalea Superfine Plus in-situ high easy sling with clips
  • Code(s): 6615S, 6616S, 6617S, 6618S
Silvalea Superfine Plus in-situ deluxe leg sling
  • Code(s): 6600S, 6601S, 6602S, 6603S, 6604S