Guest training: The Configura chair range


Dates & Times:


Online event


Learn from Occupational therapist and seating specialist, Miki Rossanis, as she shares the benefits of the Configura® chair in an exclusive online series.

We're excited to announce we are hosting Occupational therapist and seating specialist, Miki Rossanis from Enable Lifecare in a three-part series on the Configura® chair. In these interactive sessions, you will get the opportunity to ask the questions you need answers for and gain an in-depth understanding of the Configura chair for effective seating management. Learn more about the key learning outcomes in each session and register below.

About Miki Rossanis 

Consultant Occupational Therapist who possesses extensive experience throughout UK and Australia in the areas of seating, pressure care and manual handling.

Session 1: Seating management and its importance

Tuesday November 16th at 11am

Do you need a refresher on the concepts relating to seating management and why specialist seating is so important?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Delve into the reasons we issue seating.
  • Introduction to the concept of seating management.
  • The relationship between size, pressure, and posture.
  • An overview of pressure care in seating.
  • An overview of postural management in seating prescription.
  • Case Study and application of concepts to a range of conditions.




Session 2: How to assess and prescribe the Configura range of chairs

Wednesday November 17th at 11am

 Are you interested in the practical information on what to assess when prescribing a seating solution?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Seating assessment strategies for the Configura chairs.
  • Overview of the assessment form.
  • Measuring guide for comfort and bariatric chairs.
  • Important assessment considerations for prescribing the Configura chair.
  • Assessment of pressure, posture, range of motion.




Session 3: How to adjust the Configura chair to suit your client’s needs

Thursday November 18th at 11am

Do you want to know all the details of how we can adjust and make adaptations to our range of chairs?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Demonstration of the chairs - “how-to”:
    • Adjust the size
    • Adjust the pressure care
    • Adjust the postural supports
    • Adjust the rise function
    • Adjust the handset control access