Webinar: How UV-C light can be used to help fight COVID-19

Location: Online event

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Online event


Join us for a webinar with Dr Brendan Arnold, Infectious Disease Physician at Dunedin Hospital.

Dr. Arnold will provide exclusive insights into the solutions that are proving to help organisations prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Using proven technologies like UV-C light to purify the air, Dr. Arnold will share the solutions he’s implemented at Dunedin Hospital and outline the science behind it.  

You’ll leave this webinar with a greater understanding of what you can do to protect your team from the threat of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses.

What we'll cover

  • What is UV-C light and how does it work for infection control?
  • The key air quality challenges Dunedin Hospital faced during the pandemic
  • How they are using UV-C light to help protect their patients and staff against COVID-19

About Brendan

  • Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine Physician at Dunedin Hospital.
  • Spent his registrar years at Dunedin and Hawkes Bay Hospitals and completed his Infectious Disease specialty training in Wellington.
  • Has a Master in Clinical Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University, Bangkok.
  • Worked at Dunedin Hospital as an Infectious Disease specialist since 2015.


 To find out more about our UV-C solutions, visit cubro.co.nz/uvc