A complete positioning system for full body alignment

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Lying, sitting or standing in asymmetrical positions can cause serious problems over time. With the right support and equipment, you can help your clients achieve the correct alignment and improve their overall wellbeing.

We are excited to share our new Askle Sante positioning range by Winncare, that will provide clinical professionals and carers with technical aids to achieve good positioning for those that need it. With a variety of anatomical shapes, the Askle Sante positioning aids ensure the user maintains a stable posture, reduce pressure on areas at risk of injuries and offload or isolate existing injuries.

The Askle Sante positioning starter kit combines the core positioning aids to achieve and support correct body alignment from head to toe. The kit includes one Universal positioning cushion (small), one Cylindrical positioning cushion, two Foot positioning cushion, two Hand positioning cushion and two Circular positioning cushion. These aids can be used in a wide range of applications to suit individual requirements.

Not sure where to begin with positioning? Get in touch – we have training videos and brochures available with tips, tricks and common scenarios to help you and your client get the most out of the positioning kit. Contact us by email [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 656 527