COVID-19 Company protocols and procedures

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Dear valued Customers and Suppliers,

As an essential service, our contactless deliveries and maintenance services can continue in the Auckland region. Across the remainder of New Zealand we are available to resume joint visits, deliveries, installations, service and maintenance following relevant risk assessments and adhering to both your COVID-safe protocols and our Cubro protocols and processes.  

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our team, our customers and their clients is our top priority. As such, our COVID-safe processes and practices are in place. Our team will take added safety measures of wearing appropriate PPE and will continue to conduct risk assessments before entering a site.

Click here to view a one-page summary of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

This document contains links to more detailed procedures which you are welcome to read and share with your teams. Here is a brief overview of our protocols and supporting documentation:

Documents designed for the Cubro team

  • Cubro team personal health flowchart to ensure our team are well and fit to work – click to view
  • Cubro team COVID-safe induction form to ensure our team understands our COVID-safe procedures – click to view
  • Contact tracing day sheet, so we can quickly assist with contract tracing if required – click to view
  • Appropriate PPE to be used as required – click to view
  • Site and vehicle cleaning and hygiene guide – click to view
  • Physical distancing, hygiene and other contact requirements are detailed in our overall COVID-19 response protocols – click to view our full COVID-19 protocols
  • If necessary, we will quickly enact a COVID-19 response plan and be open and transparent with our team and affected customers – click to view

Documents designed to support visits/work conducted at other sites

  • We will follow site protocols and procedures as directed by our customers and/or parties responsible for managing specific sites. Please let us know if your protocols change at any time
  • Before attending any sites, our team must complete a risk assessment – click to view
  • For Community care joint visits, our team will follow the Occupational Therapy Board of NZ decision tree – click to view
  • Site and vehicle cleaning and hygiene guide – click to view
  • It is important to note that our staff will not enter sites if they do not feel safe to do so and we ask for your cooperation and support to help keep everyone safe

Documents designed for Contractors/visitors to Cubro sites

  • All contractors/visitors to Cubro sites must complete a health declaration form before visiting any of our sites – click to view
  • When first arriving at any of our sites, contractors/visitors must sign our site register – click to view
  • We ask that contractors/visitors maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres always. Please ensure you and your staff respect and adhere to this when engaging with our team

In addition to Cubro’s COVID-safe measures, our team will also ensure they follow the protocols and procedures outlined by our customers and respect the wishes of community clients.

We are available for virtual visits and joint visits if needed

You can easily book a virtual visit with any of our Community Care team members online. For more information about this service or to make a booking, please log in to your dashboard to book or feel free to talk to your sales representative and/or their PA about how it works.

If a physical visit is required, then we are happy to help. Please let us know if your clients have any specific wishes prior to the appointment.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 safe workplace procedures, or virtual visit please contact us at any time on 0800 656 527 or email us at [email protected]

We thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Take care and stay safe.

The Cubro team