Cubro® achieves a 5 star PREQUAL rating

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Cubro® achieves a 5 star PREQUAL rating

Cubro® has been awarded a 5-star prequalification rating by PREQUAL after the company’s entire Health and Safety system was thoroughly assessed. Work Health Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Alan Tocker, says the result means the healthcare sector can fully trust that any Cubro® employees who come on-site will work safely to get the job done.

“Health and Safety is absolutely paramount. It’s important to know that any contractors who come on-site are pre qualified to do the work and will adhere to stringent Health and Safety procedures.”

PREQUAL combines the experience and expertise of some of New Zealand’s leading Health and Safety practitioners, and their independent assessment is bench-marked against international and local best practices. The 5-star rating is valid for the next two years.

Alan says requiring contractors to be prequalified is becoming more common in the Aged Care sector.

“We’re not the number eight wire country we used to be anymore. Achieving a 5-star rating proves that Cubro® takes the Health and Safety of our own people very seriously. We’re committed to doing the right thing. Our sales reps, delivery team, and service team are regularly on our customers’ sites. PREQUAL provides reassurance to our customers that they know what they’re doing, and if there’s ever an issue, we can fix it.”

Cubro® has undergone the rigorous PREQUAL assessment three times since 2016 and has moved up the star rating system each time. To be given a 5-star prequalification you must score 85% or more. “Their assessment is designed to always look for improvements and that’s a good thing — it encourages you to try and get better and better.”

PREQUAL requires companies to prove they have appropriate Health and Safety processes, policies, and procedures in place. Evidence must also be submitted that shows everyone from senior management down to employees in the field are following the rules.

“You might have everything written down and it looks hunky-dory in a book, but you’ve actually got to prove that you’re doing it. For example, we had to submit photos and videos to show we hold Health and Safety meetings daily in our warehouse. And the minutes of our board meetings must detail all our Health and Safety discussions.”

Alan says the process has also made Cubro® more aware of what to look for when engaging their own contractors on site such as plumbers and electricians.

It’s been a very useful experience. PREQUAL is entirely independent with no ties to Cubro® whatsoever. So black is black and white is white. You have to produce the evidence and there are no half measures.”