Cubro celebrates 40 years of innovative solutions

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For four decades, Cubro has pioneered solutions to improve the quality of life for all New Zealanders. Established by Hawke's Bay orchardists Garth and Lincoln Currie, the company's journey began with a simple goal: making tasks easier. What started with inventing a plasterboard lifting machine evolved into a trailblazing venture. 

Cubro's breakthrough came when a local anaesthetist sought a custom theatre trolley for Hastings Hospital. This ignited the brother’s desire to help people and catapulted them into the world of healthcare and product innovation. They showcased their inventions in hospitals and nursing homes and acquired vital healthcare items from Australia, firmly establishing Cubro's role in the sector. 

Now spanning New Zealand with seven regional offices, we supply cutting-edge equipment to hospitals, aged care facilities, and directly into people’s homes. With continuity as a pillar, many key staff members have worked at Cubro for over two decades, ensuring expertise remains a hallmark. 

Cubro's journey over the past 40 years has been marked by shifts in healthcare, but more importantly by our customer’s needs. As life expectancy increases, there is a growing emphasis on supporting individuals to live independently, whether in their own home or a homely environment designed within an aged care facility. Advancements in medicine and technology have enabled individuals to recover from severe accidents and manage disabilities more effectively, amplifying the demand for advanced healthcare equipment, modular theatres and more tailored solutions.  

Adapting to changing times, Cubro has navigated various funding models and organisational structures. One notable addition is the introduction of Te Whatu Ora, which underscores the company's agility and adaptability to evolving market forces. The ability to embrace change and respond to the dynamic landscape of healthcare has been pivotal to Cubro's enduring success. 

As the team at Cubro commemorate four decades of care and innovation, we remain unwavering in our dedication to serving the healthcare needs of the community. With an eye on the future, we acknowledge the transformative journey Cubro has been through, and we look ahead to what lies beyond. With this remarkable 40-year milestone we are not just a celebrating the past, but our enduring commitment to agility, innovation, and a healthier future for all Kiwis.  

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