Cubro launches simple and secure virtual visit service

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Virtual health services are a key part of our new normal. Accelerated by New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown response, we’ve launched the Cubro virtual visit service, so that together, we can continue to find the right equipment solutions for your clients.

A virtual experience that’s just like a joint visit

A Cubro virtual visit is a lot like a joint visit except that rather than meeting in person, we will connect with you via the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform. You can easily invite a client, carer or other clinicians to join the virtual visit, while the platform also enables us to invite other specialist Cubro team members, like our inhouse Occupational Therapists to participate.

There are many advantages to virtual visits. One key benefit we hope that we can all gain from this service, is reducing some of the wait times involved with helping a client get access to the equipment they need. We know that it often takes a lot of time and effort to co-ordinate face to face visits, especially in cases where clients live in areas that aren’t easily accessible. Virtual visits allow us to connect with you and your clients, when and where they need it.

Try our simple and flexible online booking system

We understand how busy clinical professionals are. To help make life a little easier, we have created a simple online booking system that allows you to book a virtual visit at any time.

The online booking system enables you to select your preferred Cubro representative. It also gives you the option to speak to any of our team in situations when your representative is not available, thus reducing wait times. You can use the booking system to reschedule or cancel your visits if things change.

To help you navigate the online booking system, we’ve put together a handy user guide to help you and your clients to prepare for and get the most from a virtual visit.

For more information and all the user guides, head online and login to your dashboard and book your visit.

Privacy, cyber security and ease of use with Microsoft Teams

At Cubro, we take privacy and cyber-security extremely seriously. Everything we do online, is designed and developed in a way that best protects the privacy of our customers and their clients. By default, we do not capture or record video calls.

We prefer the Microsoft Teams platform because we believe it’s one of the most secure video conferencing platforms available on the market today. We also know that many of our customers are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, and find their products easy to use.

We know that some of your clients may not be familiar with Microsoft Teams, so we have included some instructions in our user guide that you can forward to clients.

Quick tips to make the experience easier for your clients

There are a few different things you need to think of when inviting a client to participate in a virtual visit. Mobile devices often achieve better results as they enable a client to show us a complete view of their environment by moving the camera around easily. However, this relies on a client being able to hold and move a mobile device, so it’s important to consider who may be needed to support a client through a virtual visit.

Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

Share your feedback and help us make improvements

We believe there’s always room to improve the way we do things. If you have any suggestions about how we could improve any aspect of this service, then we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected].

We’re here to help

The Cubro team are also available to help you navigate the system. If you hit a roadblock, you can always call us on 0800 656 527 or email [email protected]