Design to support infection control

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Equipping your facility with well-designed solutions that are made with infection control properties in mind, will help ensure your cleaning routines are more effective and will ultimately support the health and safety of residents.

When selecting furnishings for your facility, we recommend that Aged Care organisations ask suppliers about the infection control properties of the furniture being considered. This will help ensure you make informed decisions that support your facilities overall infection control programmes.

At Cubro, we recently brought in a range of European chairs designed with superior infection control features. The Haelvoet range brings together comfort, sleek modern design elements and infection control properties that are suitable for use in care and hospital environments.  Some of the key benefits of the Haelveot range include:

  • Easy to clean
    Because of their constant use, soft furnishings are potential carriers of bacteria and viruses.  The Haelvoet range offer superior infection control with a removable seat ensuring staff can easily and thoroughly clean the seat and surrounding areas. This is particularly useful if there are any spills or incontinence.  Seats can also be replaced over time, which ensures greater longevity.
  • Waterproof and antibacterial fabric
    The fabric is a smooth imitation leather. Careful attention has been taken to select textures that don’t have deep indents where bacteria can get stuck and continue to breed and with the antibacterial coating growth of bacteria is inhibited. In addition, the waterproof surface resists any liquids from entering the interior foam of the seat. The smooth surface is also easy to wipe down regularly and quick to dry.
  • Quality materials and design
    With the 10-year warranty Haelvoet have been designed for durability. The welded metal frame provides a strong structure for the chair and high-quality fabric can withstand regular cleaning. By keeping the seat and leg rest separate (no upholstery connection) Haelvoet have eliminated any areas where dirt or bacteria can build up.

    Jonathan Prangnell, Registered Nurse and Manager at Kaiapoi Lodge Residential Care recently replaced their resident’s chairs with the Haelvoet Domus chairs. We caught up with Jonathan to hear how his team and residents are finding the Haelvoet Domus chairs.

When selecting a chair for your residents, what features do you look for?

The comfort and feel of the chair are extremely important for the residents. I avoid chairs that look cold and clinical because this is a home environment it needs to be warm and relaxing for our residents. A chair that can withstand thorough cleaning including regular wiping down and does not accumulate food particles in difficult to access areas is also very important to us. We are thrilled to have found the Domus chair and find these tick the box for us.

How are the residents finding the Domus Flex Relax chair?

Our residents have found the Domus to be particularly comfortable and the modern design has been well received. The two stages of recline including the zero-gravity position have encouraged our residents to take time away from their beds and relax in their chairs. We have found there are no edges on footrest where residents can normally damage their shins.

How have your team found cleaning of Domus Flex Relax chair?

Cleaning is easy and effective; grime and residue are easily removed and there aren’t any areas for food or material to accumulate. We have found the chair dries quickly, some of our older chairs would take a day to dry after cleaning. Our team feel more confident the chairs have had a thorough cleaning.

“The increased comfort, elegant design, ease of cleaning, superior manoeuvrability all contained within a smaller footprint has represented a massive upgrade. Very pleased.” – Jonathan Prangnell, RN and Manager Kaiapoi Lodge Residential Care.

If you want to know more about solutions with infection control or our Haelvoet range, contact us by email [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 656 527