Extra support now available for paediatric solutions

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Heimana Chenon loves helping children with long-term disabilities to build their independence – which is why Cubro is delighted to have him join our team as a Paediatric Solutions Specialist.

As an experienced physiotherapist, Heimana (goes by Mana) is now available to help other therapists across Auckland and Northland choose the right equipment to meet clinical goals and support children’s daily mobility and self-care needs. Prior to joining Cubro, he worked for a wheelchair and specialist seating provider after graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science from AUT in 2012.

“I am discussing with therapists what the child’s needs are and what kind of products we can offer them,” he explains. “There are a lot of products available such as standing frames, walking frames, beds, bathing equipment like toileting and showering commodes, bath chairs, rehabilitation chairs and seating systems. It’s cool. I still get to use my clinical reasoning and my clinical knowledge. I understand all the terms therapists use and can converse with them on a clinical level.”

While working as a paediatric physio in the community Mana discovered his passion for working with children, many of whom had cerebral palsy or long-term disabilities. he would provide them with mobility aids and work to strengthen their muscles and build their endurance so they could be as independent as possible.

“I had to find ways to include therapy in games so building rapport was the key thing with both the child and their families to get what you wanted out of them. For example, if someone said ‘I’d love to be a pilot one day’ you’d find therapy games that would include them flying. So I’d bring out a Swiss ball and get the child to be on their tummy and then spread their wings out and fly. All that kind of imaginary play was quite rewarding for me.”

Mana (who is originally from Tahiti in French Polynesia), used to be a keen footballer but these days he prefers to play 18 holes of golf with friends. “I’m quite an active person. I like to go to the gym and enjoy a bit of fishing and free diving.”

Throughout his career, Mana has loved building rapport with others and making a difference in people’s lives. “It has always been about connections for me.” He is thoroughly enjoying liaising with therapists in his new role at Cubro and finding the right equipment solutions.

“It’s really cool to be on the other side and learn new things. I have always enjoyed a challenge. Cubro is providing me with new skills, new learning, and the chance to be out there and seeing what these products can really do for clients.”

To contact Mana, please phone 0800 101 211 or email [email protected].