New bariatric resources designed to help health professionals navigate new reality

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Caring for bariatric clients often presents complex health challenges. 

With 1.5 million New Zealanders now classed as obese, today's health professionals and organisations need to understand how best to support the unique requirements of larger people. 

Our growing obesity problem is creating a new reality for healthcare professionals throughout Aotearoa. As obesity rates rise, risk of obesity-related health problems increases exponentially. Although it's a challenge, we believe with the right training, tools and partnerships, it's possible to deliver safe, dignified and cost-effective bariatric care.

Together with our in-house team of clinicians and experienced solutions providers, we’ve put together a collection of bariatric specific resources to help you navigate these new challenges. From education webinars to our new bariatric solutions guide, we have everything you need in one place.

For more, visit our bariatric resource area

If you're a Cubro customer, you have access to our suite of resources. Simply login to our website and visit our resources area to see more. If you're not sure what your login is, flick us an email with your name, organisation and work email address and we'll set you up.