Welcome Malita Fanning

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When the right equipment is professionally set up to match a client’s specific needs, it can bring independence, dignity, comfort and joy.

Delivering those results is exactly what our new Equipment Specialist, Malita Fanning, loves most about her job.

Malita is a former midwife and has been working in the equipment specialist industry around Wellington for the past three years before joining Cubro last November.

“I’ve worked mainly with pediatric equipment and dealt with physiotherapists on the moving, handling and standing side of things. Now I’m with Cubro I’m looking forward to working alongside some of those same therapists and OTs to supply and set up assistive technology products in the community for those who have been injured or permanently disabled, to help them to live better lives.”

Malita enjoys working with OTs and physios and feels they’re all on the same wavelength. “We’re all working in health because we want to help people. So I’m working alongside therapists to come up with solutions to make their client’s life a bit easier and a bit more manageable.”

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference in lowering the risk of other injuries from occurring, she says. “When you set up good equipment solutions it can prevent a huge amount of health and medical intervention for a client going forward. I love to be able to do that.”

Personal strengths

As a mother of three boys aged 17, 12 and 10, Malita runs a busy household and brings her superb organisational skills to the job. “I’m a very organised person, so I get a lot done!” Her ability to build relationships with therapists and clients is another big plus, and she has a huge amount of empathy for others.

“If you can't empathise with what carers or clients are going through, then it's really hard to be dedicated to providing solutions that will make a difference.”

Malita is based in Wellington and will work closely with OTs and physios in the lower North Island and upper South Island including Hawkes Bay, Whanganui, Nelson and Blenheim. She can advise on Cubro’s full range of products including beds and mattresses, seating, overhead lifting and mobile hoists, chairs, manual handling and transfer aides, in addition to showering and toileting hygiene equipment.

“If you can't empathise with what carers or clients are going through, then it's really hard to be dedicated to providing solutions that will make a difference.”

New challenges

While normally very fit and active herself (she loves to play softball, netball, go on mountain walks and ride horses), Malita is currently adjusting to a slower pace of life while confined to a moon boot thanks to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Thankfully her new role is keeping her fully occupied as she learns the vast range of equipment Cubro has on offer.

“I’m really enjoying the challenge of new equipment. I haven’t worked with beds and mattresses before so that’s new learning for me. It’s always nice to broaden your horizons and challenge yourself to learn new product information.

“Another thing I’ve really enjoyed so far is just the experience Cubro have got within the company. There are people who have been doing this for a really long time and just know everything about the products. And we’ve also got registered occupational therapists on the team. So that makes my job so much easier because you can ring a clinical specialist within the company and ask for their opinion on products. That clinical expertise makes a huge difference when you’re dealing with OTs in the community. Having that sort of support behind you is pretty awesome.”

Malita is ready and eager to help, so if you're a Therapist, you're welcome to get in touch with her a call on 021 743 595, or flick her an email at [email protected]