Introducing our new South Island paediatric Solutions Specialist

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South Island therapists now have a new paediatric Solution Specialist to call upon for support, since experienced Occupational Therapist Claire Verryt joined our Christchurch team.

Claire has spent over two decades working with paediatric clients, adults with intellectual disabilities and those undergoing neurological rehabilitation. She has also completed post-graduate studies in strategic management and most recently worked as a practice manager at a busy general practice clinic in Harewood which cares for 5000 patients.

“It was a totally different but amazing experience. It gave me a whole different set of skills which are actually really useful coming back into the OT world,” she says.

Paediatrics has always been Claire’s favourite role and the chance to have direct contact with therapists and young clients again by joining Cubro was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“I really enjoy what paediatric equipment offers. It’s life-changing for a lot of children and enables them to participate in everyday activities and gain independence which they wouldn’t otherwise have. In my new role, I’ll be able to really support therapists to do their job well and provide solutions for them which will have a big impact on young lives.”

Claire will travel throughout the South Island to provide equipment advice and support, and will also be involved in equipment roadshows and training sessions for therapists.

Travel and connecting with people from all walks of life is something she particularly enjoys. “Growing up, my dad worked for a hotel company and we moved every couple of years. So I have lived in a lot of different places… India, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Belgium, Zimbabwe… I loved them all and my childhood was quite unique, I think.”

Claire is also passionate about photography and used to run her own business doing weddings, family portraits and commercial photography. “I still have repeat customers who sometimes say, ‘can you do a shoot for me this weekend?’ But it’s mostly just friends and family stuff now which I do for the love of it.”

As a busy mum of two girls aged 15 and 5, Claire gets outdoors whenever she can and enjoys walking and jogging around Halswell Quarry and up in the Port Hills.

She’s most looking forward to building relationships with therapists so they know they can rely on her to find good solutions for them. “Also having that contact with patients again. It’s really satisfying to see the changes you can make to positively impact someone’s life.”

To get in touch with Claire directly, email [email protected] or phone 0800 101 211