Jack relieved to find in-bed pressure care

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Forty years after suffering a spinal injury while playing rugby league, Jack Tauwhare still experiences pain.
Confined to a bed and a wheelchair, his legs regularly go into spasm. “Spasms are just built-up energy in the body,” Jack explains. “That energy accumulates and turns into pain – for me, it’s a burning sensation like I’m in boiling hot water.” Slightly adjusting his hips can help the spasms subside but doing so requires the right mattress support. 
Jack recently trialed a few different options from Cubro and chose the Metzeler Airline Visco Tube mattress.

The vertical tube foam system allows air to circulate so Jack doesn’t overheat and provides excellent pressure distribution. It’s comfortable yet firm enough for Jack to move his body slightly when he feels a spasm coming on.

“The mattress is nice and soft and comfortable. It’s firm enough for me to sit on top of the mattress but slowly sink down a wee touch. It still gives me that firmness to be able to move and twist and release the spasms in my body and my legs especially. So it’s a good mattress.”

To further assist Jack and prevent pain, Jack’s OT supplied Posimed Heel Protectors from Cubro. These boots are worn while lying in bed to reduce pressure, friction and shear by elevating and cushioning the heels. They also prevent footdrop and maintain alignment. They’re made of Geltouch high resilience foam and since using them, the swelling in Jack’s feet has greatly reduced.



“Because I sit in a chair for up to eight hours a day, all the blood goes down to my feet and they turn into big balloons. The booties help elevate my feet and protect my heels from rubbing on the sheets like they have for the last 40 years. My wife used to put pillows under my heels but if I had a spasm, they’d be kicked out of the way and I was back to square one. I’m really pleased my local Cubro Equipment Specialist Helen Murray suggested the booties idea, as I can’t kick them off.”

Cubro’s final suggestion to improve Jack’s bed was the Etac Immedia SatinSheet system. Featuring a satin finish on one side and cotton on the other, the sheets are kinder to Jack’s skin and make it much easier for his wife, Maria, to reposition him in bed.


"The new items Cubro has supplied me with are certainly making life a lot easier and more comfortable"

“Instead of lugging my whole heavy body, trying to pull me and roll me over, she’s just got to pull the silky sheet and I move with it, really easily. Whoever came up with that idea, it was really good!”

“I’ve learned to control the pain with my mind but the new items Cubro has supplied me with are certainly making life a lot easier and more comfortable.”

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