Meet Katie Cunard - our new Wound Care Expert

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Pressure injuries can have a devastating impact on people’s lives and are estimated to cost New Zealand’s health system almost $700m a year. So having expert advice available on prevention and treatment is crucial. 

This is why we are thrilled to announce Wound Care Nurse, Katie Cunard is joining our team.

Katie is now available by phone, online or in person to help all health professionals working in the community, aged care facilities and hospitals nationwide to deal with pressure injuries. 

“I think it’s a fantastic step in the right direction for Cubro,” Katie says. “When it comes to pressure care, you don’t know what you don’t know. And sometimes it’s nice to have another health professional to bounce ideas off. So I think establishing this position is a great asset for Cubro’s clients to lean on.”  

Katie is especially keen to bring the learnings of the new international guidelines into New Zealand practice.  With an indepth understanding of the 2019 European Pressure Injury Advisory Panel’s guidelines, she’s eager to share the most up to date, evidence based practices. 

The 35 year-old graduated from nursing school 11 years ago and immediately began working in older person’s health and rehab at Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch. Her interest in wound care developed several years later while working in the plastic surgery unit at Christchurch Hospital.  

 “I’m passionate about wound care because the outcome for the patient depends on the clinician’s level of education in this area. What I’m most looking forward to in my new role is sharing my education with other clinicians so that best patient outcomes can be achieved.” 

 Each year it is estimated 55,000 Kiwis sustain a pressure injury, with 3000 people developing a pressure injury so serious that muscle, bone or tendon maybe exposed. Katie advocates a holistic approach that encompasses wound care products, positioning, nutrition and mobility. 

 “95 percent of pressure injuries are preventable. So it’s about identifying people’s risks and treating them appropriately. Do they need an alternating air or pressure relieving mattress? Is there enough protein in their diet? Because that plays an important role in repairing cells. So it’s just looking at the patient holistically and remembering that just because we’ve given them a pressure relieving mattress, they still need to be turned.” 


"It’s important to take that blame culture away too. It’s unfortunate that a patient has a pressure injury. But let’s put them at the forefront of their care and deal with it.” 

 Katie will be running online education sessions for people to view, and is available for individual consultations if people need advice on mattresses, positioning aids, or how to treat a particular wound.  

 “There are no silly questions! I’m here to help take that whole fear away from pressure injuries. I’m at the end of a telephone, I can answer emails, and I’m more than happy to answer any questions."

In 2018 Katie was selected by the Canterbury DHB to undertake specialist training funded by ACC to help reduce the incidence and severity of pressure injuries across Canterbury and the West Coast. She found the year-long Pressure Injury Prevention Link Nurses course very rewarding and is now looking forward to increasing the wider knowledge base amongst health professionals in her new role with Cubro.  

Outside of work, Katie has three miniature schnauzers who keep her on her toes, and loves to spend as much times as possible with her three nephews. “I like to get out and go hiking, walking and mountain biking as well.” 

Over the years Katie has seen every type of wound imaginable. She enjoys a good challenge and testing her clinical skills and is keen to hear from anyone who needs advice or wound care expertise.   

Get in touch with Katie today by phoning (07) 810 6574 or 021 223 7427. Alternatively you can email her on [email protected]