More room to do what we do best

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We have recently completed a significant warehouse expansion to our  Tauranga head office, giving us greater flexibility to respond to our customers’ needs throughout 2020 and beyond.

The recent expansion has increased our Tauranga warehouse by 30%.

Cubro’s Chief Operating Officer Hayden Currie says the company always planned to expand the branch facilities gradually overtime but the move has come much faster than anyone anticipated.

“Since the end of 2019 we’ve been renting storage down the road in another warehouse,”  he explains. “Cubro has grown a lot faster than we thought which is great.”

The warehouse extension has increased storage racking space but more importantly, it offers the team room to streamline current operations and provide a better service to customers.

“It provides us a larger inwards goods area to receive national shipments and international containers. We will have more defined staging areas for quality checks where we check samples of each product from each shipment that comes in,” Hayden explains. The dispatch team also have considerably more room to move and the ability to create efficient workflows.

“It offers us more space to layout and prepare some of the large and very bespoke care developments,” Hayden explains.

“This new space will really cut back on our double handling. We can lay the project out, prepare it, load it and install it in a streamlined fashion. It’s a much nicer environment for our team to work in and results in greater accuracy.”

The new extension also includes a new specialist fabrication area for our Overhead Lifting offering, this enables us to meet the increase demand and custom design requirements of these systems.

Moving several functions into this new space has also given us room to expand Cubro’s assembly workshop facilities. Our inhouse engineering and upholstery teams constantly modify products to meet a client’s individual needs. This involves testing, certification, compliance and quality control.

Extra floor space has also provided Cubro flexibility when it comes to storage capacity in the coming years. “The fact is, some of our products are getting bigger. We’re doing more ranges of larger beds and chairs and some of that furniture is quite bulky so it doesn’t always fit straight into our conventional storage. So we’re future-proofing for that where we may need to change
our storage from normal pallet racking to something different.”

Ultimately, Cubro knows its clients just want the right items delivered at the right time with quality and service they can count on. “Our new warehouse expansion is more around getting it right so while bigger is going to be better, it will ultimately give us more space to do what we do best.”