Regaining independence in the bathroom

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Being able to use the toilet on your own is something many of us take for granted and a simple daily task that Auckland man, Rajesh, can now do again with dignity.

The 50 year-old former school teacher was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy 15 years ago and is gradually losing muscle strength. What started as a slight weakness in his toes has now progressed to living life in a wheelchair.

“Day to day jobs have become really difficult,” he explains. “In my case, it’s mostly affecting my lower legs and lower hands which means that I’m not able to work now".

“My powered wheelchair can elevate and lift me up so that I can stand on my own and hold on to my walking stick. With the support of the walls I can walk a little bit, especially if I’m going to the toilet. But with my leg and hand muscles being so weak, I struggle to get up from low seating positions like chairs, sofas and the toilet.”

Rajesh’s condition deteriorated to the point he needed either his caregiver or 17 year-old son to help lift him on and off the toilet. If neither were around, he was forced to hold on. “I lost my independence and it’s affected me very badly. My caregiver is only around from 9am – 10:30am and my son is at school so I really had to hold on. Sometimes, with my weak muscles, I will have accidents,” he admits.

The solution came via the Show Your Ability tradeshow where Rajesh spoke to Cubro about the Lift Seat Vertica Plus. It fits over any toilet and moves vertically downwards – with no tilt – to help people reach a sitting position before rising again at the touch of a button. By gently raising people back to their feet, it reduces the risk of falls and helps people like Rajesh to toilet safely on their own.

“You can either have a battery operated model or a power cord you can plug in,” he explains. “It has an adjustable height feature and a gentle lift mechanism. I’m a tall person and it raises you high enough so you can effortlessly stand up. It’s really strong and stable, and the battery lasts for about 20 days or so. It has made a world of difference.”

Rajesh has also had a bidet installed in his toilet to make life easier, and says he couldn’t now live without it or the Lift Seat Vertica. “I am very pleased and happy that I’ve got that sense of independence back - that I no longer have to have the constraint of needing assistance. I can confidently navigate the bathroom on my own terms.”

His son is also very pleased that Rajesh no longer has to depend on him. “He’s been joking that he’s without work now and no longer has anything else to do. “I’m very grateful for this life changing solution and I would highly recommend it to anyone facing similar struggles. This is the way to go.”

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