Sara’s sleeping well thanks to new alternating air mattress

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After suffering extensive pressure injuries, Sara was not sleeping well and believed many of her problems stemmed from her existing alternating air mattress.

The mattress would slide around whenever she moved or repositioned herself, and the motion of the alternations made her feel “seasick.” Sara also disliked the noise of the alternation, which made it hard for her to fall asleep and continued to wake her throughout the night. Sleep deprivation became a serious concern as it negatively impacted her healing and overall sense of wellbeing.

After working with her OT and Rod Lewis, one of Cubro’s experienced equipment advisors, Sara trialled the Winncare Axtair Automorpho® Axensor AT20. Designed to treat clients with pressure injuries from stage 1 to 4, the AT20 proved to be the ideal solution for Sara.

Sara found this alternating air mattress to be much quieter than the mattress she was using, and, as the AT20 delivers a gentle alternation motion, she found it easier to drift off and remain asleep.

“I have been sleeping much better. I get to sleep quicker and don’t feel so seasick due to the movement of the mattress,” 

The improvement in sleep quality achieved with the AT20 alternating air mattress also impressed Sara’s OT.

 “It’s the first AT20 mattress I have used… From Sara’s reporting, I would consider it again for future clients.”

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