Five reasons why we think you'll love using our new website

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We've recently launched a new online platform that we hope will support you - our valued customers - to get more done online now and in the future. 

This project has been over a year in the making and we took our time to speak to many of our customers before we started so that we could better understand what you needed. We've tried to incorporate many of these features into this platform, however with your help, we know there's a lot we can and will improve along the way. 

We also know that a new website means that we're asking you to adjust to a new way of doing things, and that isn't always easy when you're busy helping clients. To help support you with this, we're offering online tours which start from next week. Learn how you can sign up for a tour below and we'll join you virtually to guide you through how to use our new platform and answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the site's new features that in time, we hope you'll enjoy trying out.  

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 Join us online and we'll happily take you through how our new platform works, some cool things you can do and we'll also answer any questions you may have. 

To sign up, simply click the button above to email us and let us know when you can attend a session or if you'd like us to send you a recording of how our new site works.


Check out our frequently asked questions section for even more support

We've created an online help guide area to support our customers, which includes a FAQ area. Check it out today. If you have any questions that you'd like us to add, then please get in touch

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Here are some features that we think you'll enjoy...

1. You can view all the products that are in our Hospital Care catalogue without using a login

This means you can share a URL link with your team by email and they can view these products without needing a login. This effectively works the same way our old website did. 

2. When you're logged in, you can easily see products that are on the Pharmac approved equipment lists

Customers told us they want an easy way of seeing products that are available to purchase under your funding partners, so we created a menu in your dashboard area (you'll find this on the left-hand side menu once you've logged in). Simply click on the "Pharmac" link in the menu, and you'll be able to view the solutions we offer as part of this contract.

Watch this video to learn how you can find Pharmac products and more when you're logged in

3. You can build a quote and we can help you faster

If you're logged in and use the shopping cart to build a quote request, it means we can help get quotes to you faster because we know who you are and we'll have all the right details from the start. To create a quote, click "Find out more" on a product or the products you would like, click on the "Add to quote" button. Choose as many products as you like and then when you're ready, click on the "My quote" shopping cart button at the top, follow the few steps like adding a reference, checking your details, delivery address, and enter any special instructions you have and then hit send. Your quote will come directly through to our team for processing. You can also save draft quotes later which is really handy if you get called away suddenly. 


4. You can save and share your "favourites" with colleagues

This is your new secret weapon - you can create and save a list of favourite or recommended products for your clients so they can view them before your visit. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to create a list and share it with your team mates. 

For most products, once emailed to your colleagues, they will be able to click on them and view them without a login. If there are products they can't see, please let us know. It's important to note that while products can be shared with users who don't have a login, favourites saved from our resources area can only be shared with your colleagues who do have a login. 

5. You can access all our resources and webinars

Have you checked out our resources area yet? Here you can find our pressure care tools, on-demand webinars and other helpful info to support you and your patients. These are created especially for our customers, so you need a login to view them. We will continue to add to this area as we develop more resources throughout the year. 

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