Specialist seating with individuals at the forefront

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Specialist seating company, CareFlex, prides itself on being an innovator rather than following the crowd. 

Their distinctive range of chairs are used in hospitals, nursing and residential homes, hospices, rehab facilities, respite centres and private homes in New Zealand and across the globe. Each chair is meticulously designed to help adults and children with special needs, disabilities and challenges to lead more comfortable lives and receive top quality postural support in the process.

Sales and Marketing Director Craig Downton says CareFlex products are designed to be transformative. “Our design team is free to produce innovative solutions, whether improving a feature on an existing chair or designing a completely new product,” he says. 

“All our products are tested and trialled to ensure they deliver high-quality and proven clinical benefits for end users.” says Craig. The individual user is always at the forefront of the design process. CareFlex actively collaborates and seeks feedback from both patients and carers to improve their chairs, and regular design meetings, workshops and focus groups are held to bring together a multi-disciplined team within the business. New products are rigorously tested (both internally and externally) throughout the design process to check their functionality, stability, strength and durability.

“We are aware of our identity: to design and manufacture products that stand the test of time and develop solutions that recognise that everyone is unique. We are proud that many of our chairs contain patented technology, which is only exclusively available through CareFlex.”

When it comes to sustainability, CareFlex is very conscious of its carbon footprint so ensures 90% of their suppliers are based in England. “We make every effort to ensure that our processes, from design to sourcing and supply chain through to distribution of our products and disposal of our waste, support our commitment to protecting our environment,” Craig explains.

“Wherever possible, we aim to prevent the creation of waste. One area that we have succeeded in this is through our investment in reusable stillages that are used to transport our components from our supply partners to our factory in Devon and back again. Reducing our usage of single-use packaging, including the reduction and, in some cases, elimination of cardboard boxes and polythene bags.”

“To support our environmental drive, we will work towards our ISO14001 accreditation throughout 2023, which will help us further develop our systems and processes to reduce waste and pollution across our processes and activities.”

Our CareFlex specialist seating range is designed to provide optimal posture support and pressure management. Explore our range of CareFlex specialist seating today.