Reducing our environmental footprint

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Stepping up: Reducing our environmental footprint

Packaging products properly to prevent damage in transit is something we take seriously — after all, no one wants to receive damaged equipment. Finding environmentally friendly packaging solutions that are just as effective as plastic, is something that’s firmly on our agenda.

We’ve traditionally used a generous amount of plastic wrap to protect our products in transit, however, earlier this year, some of our customers started asking why we used so much plastic. We thought they had a very good point.

40% of single-use plastic manufactured globally is used for packaging. That’s a staggering amount and sadly the problem is growing. A recent report by the Center for International Environmental Law identified the production of single-use plastic as a “serious climate change hazard.” (1). The report predicts that by 2050, plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total “carbon budget” — equivalent to 615 coal-fired power plants. 

As part of a wider initiative we’re undertaking to develop a sustainable business strategy, we wanted to do something to help reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use. Thankfully there are many innovative solutions available today that make a difference. After searching for a few solutions, we came across a sustainably driven Kiwi company based in Whangarei. They’ve sourced a machine that transforms cardboard boxes into wrap and packaging fillers that we can use to our protect products throughout their journey.

While at times we may still have to use some plastic and bubble wrap to protect fragile items, we’re continually exploring ways that we can minimise our impact on the environment. Hopefully, we’ll find an alternative to bubble wrap in the near future so we can say goodbye to plastic for good.1.


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