Thanks for your insightful feedback

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We’re grateful to all our customers for taking part in our 2022 annual customer survey.

The feedback provided was both encouraging and insightful. We will use these results to identify where we can meet your needs even more efficiently and effectively, and as motivation to deliver the best possible experience.

Thank you for helping us discover new opportunities to improve. We look forward to continuing our partnership in 2023 and beyond.

Here's a small sample of the comments we received: 

“Customer Service is top notch and representatives are helpful with every single query I put through. Products are reliable and safe.” Procurement Manager, DHB

“We have a lot of Cubro Opritech® theatre solutions on site. They are high quality and reliable and your team are very responsive and helpful with all enquiries.” Sterile Services Manager, DHB


If you'd like to send us any further feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Flick us a note at [email protected].