We’re expanding our moving and handling range

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When it comes to caring for people with impaired mobility, safe moving and handling remains a key challenge for healthcare providers and users alike.  However, with the right support and equipment, repositioning and transfers can be performed safely with ease and dignity.

At Cubro we are excited to announce we are extending our already established partnership with ETAC® to now include the Immedia and Molift solutions in our moving and handling range.

With the Immedia product range, you will find solutions that assist with safe and comfortable manual transfers. The smooth products reduce friction and facilitate weight shifts. They also help encourage natural movement patterns and the transfer can be performed with ease and dignity for both the user and carer.

The Molift product range specialises in hoists and slings, designed to give caregivers the best support. By reducing the need for heavy lifting Molift solutions provide an ergonomic work environment for carers.

Based in Sweden, the ETAC® group is a world-leading developer of quality products designed to assist people with restricted mobility.  In addition to Immedia and Molift, Cubro will continue to stock the Star Cushion pressure care range and our award-winning ETAC® hygiene solutions.

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