What the Aged Care sector learned from Challenging the Norm

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On Tuesday the 7th of May, Aged Care leaders and industry influencers gathered to discuss solutions to the challenges caused by NZ’s rapidly increasing elderly population at Challenging the Norm 2019.

Together with keynote speakers Deborah Harrison, Dr. Lance O’Sullivan and Jack Crutzen, we discussed key challenges facing the Aged Care sector including health and safety, compliance, care staff shortages, demand for more complex care and cultural diversity.

This was not just another “talkfest.” Delegates were challenged to think differently and take action to help solve these challenges so that we can all enjoy a “better later life.”

What did we learn?

1. We learned that Single handed care is possible to implement in New Zealand Aged care organisations.

It is legal and it provides many benefits including:

  • Personalised care/person centered care
  • Enhanced safety of care staff and residents
  • Less invasive
  • More dignified and respectful care
  • Care staff get to spend more time doing what they do best – caring for residents

Although single-handed care requires an investment in the right equipment, expertise and training, payback on your investment can be achieved in as little as 3 years.

2. We learned that Aged Care organisations can deliver quality care, while improving their business and financial performance by focusing on effective asset management strategies. 

Companies who do asset management will gain:

  • Improved customer service and experience
  • Bundling services for procurement
  • Clarity of future demand and services
  • Have peace of mind that assets are fit for purpose, functional, safe and future-proof
  • Reduce risks

3. We learned the value of transforming desperation into disruption and that we need to be brave enough to do things differently in the digital health age. 

We are challenged to:

  • Focus on user centered design and solving problems for our customers
  • Deliver more care to more people at less cost
  • Innovate yet maintain sight of business’ core purpose and reason for being
  • Many of the barriers to adoption of technology in the health care sector are imagined
  • It’s better to try and fail fast than be disrupted by competitors

Continuing the conversation…

While this event sparked some great debate about how to tackle many of challenges the Aged Care sector is facing, we’re keen to help ensure that these conversations continue, and we work collectively with other like-minded organisations to make a positive difference for all those involved who work in and rely on the sector.

The talented Martin Coates created a clever visual summary of the actions that came out of the day, which Aged Care organisations can use to help with planning and future thinking. You’re welcome to share this with your teams. Click here to download an A1 wall-friendly copy.

If you missed the conference and are interested in learning more about any of these topics, please get in touch.