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Porto® Waterproof linen bag
  • Code(s): 644G, 644R, 644B, 644Y
Porto® Raised toilet seat
  • Code(s): 262-4
Porto® Linen bag
  • Code(s): 639R, 639G, 639B, 639W, 639Y
Porto® Foot linen trolley with braking castors
  • Code(s): 551FOB, 541FOB, 542FOB
Porto® Foot linen trolley in stainless steel
  • Code(s): 551SFO, 541SFO, 542SFO
Porto® Foot linen trolley
  • Code(s): 551FO, 541FO, 542FO
Porto® Linen trolley side bucket
  • Code(s): 5135
Porto® Plastic waste bowl and lid
  • Code(s): 323