Overhead lifting
in Aged Care

Safer solutions for your facility, your residents and your staff

We’ve found the key to successfully reducing injuries and minimising risks with moving and handling people is getting the right mix of tools, training, education and culture. Our overhead lifting solutions can help you achieve safer outcomes for residents, staff and your facility.

For the resident:

  • Easier positioning minimises the risk of skin tears and bruising
  • Transfers are seamless, dignified and discrete
  • Speed of care as resident spends less time waiting on availability of equipment
  • If a fall should occur, then overhead lifting can safely recover a resident from where they are in the room

For carers:

  • Less strain, decreased physical demand and postural loads
  • Carers can feel more in control with a safer and simpler transfer
  • The system is intuitive and easy to use with a safe and simple sling attachment
  • Time saving as equipment is there ready to go

For the facility:

  • Less injuries to staff and time away from work
  • Better clinical outcomes can be achieved
  • Bariatric residents can be accommodated more easily as reduced effort is required for transfers
  • Less clutter, visually less intrusive and less damage to beds and doors

Explore how an XY overhead lifting system can benefit you