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Etac Molift Quick Raiser 205 sit-to-stand hoist

Made in Sweden

Code(s): 66507

A sit-to-stand hoist with an outstanding lifting capacity

Molift Quick Raiser 205 is a state of the art sit-to-stand hoist, with an electrically adjustable leg base and an outstanding lifting capacity. The standing hoist is comfortable, stable and safe with exceptional maneuverability.

Stable and compact
Quick Raiser 205 is compact, stable and exceptionally easy to manoeuver. The unique wheel position angled push bar, and extraordinary weight distribution of the base provide a small turning radius and easy maneuverability even in very narrow spaces. With the small castor option, it fits under most beds and chairs while the electrically adjustable legs enable accessibility almost everywhere. The fixed-leg option benefits a very small footprint.

Natural pattern of movement
The Active Lifting Arm (four-point sling bar) and the RgoSling Active provides extra support when hoisting from sitting to standing. The inclined column encourages a natural pattern of movement and fulfills the hoisting needs of users with some weight-bearing capacity. The Active Lifting Arm combined with the sling provides a comfortable, stable, and safe hoisting solution.

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Our customer support team are available Monday to Friday to help answer your questions.

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  • Ideal for users who can stand and weight bear, yet require more assistance
  • Active 4-point lifting arm provides extra support
  • Mimics the natural pattern of sit to stand
  • Electrically adjustable legs enables accessibility around toilets, lift-out chairs and wheelchairs
  • The unique wheel position, angled push bar and excellent weight distribution provide a small turning radius and easy manoeuvrability, even in narrow spaces
  • 75mm leg height fits under most beds and chairs
  • Electric lifting method
  • Overall dimensions: L 1297 mm
  • Safe working load: 205 kg
  • Base dimensions: L 950mm H 120mm mm
  • Base spread method: Electric
  • Emergency lowering: Manual
  • Foldable: No
  • Knee support adjustment: 390mm - 500mm
  • Lift from floor: No
  • Lifting height: 615 - 1652 mm
  • Product weight: 44 kg
  • Turning radius: 970
  • Width outside base: 665mm - 1065mm
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User Manual