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Etac Molift Raiser Pro transfer aid

Made in Norway

Code(s): 66553

The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer.

Natural movement patterns
Molift Raiser Pro gives the user the opportunity to use their own muscle power during a transfer. The natural movement pattern is stimulated and the ergonomic design makes the user feel safe during the entire transfer. Molift Raiser Pro is intuitive which makes it easy to understand and use.

Transfers in confined spaces
Molift Raiser Pro is stable and can turn within its own radius which makes it very easy to manoeuvre. It is ideal in confined spaces, for instance in toilets. Molift Raiser Pro ensures safe, active standing support during short transfers, such as between beds and wheelchairs/shower chairs. It assists carers when carrying out transfers with minimum risk of injury.

Works in all healthcare environments
Molift Raiser Pro helps users to train and rehabilitate in all healthcare environments, during every transfer so mobilisation can begin early, right in the intensive care unit. The user can initially improve their balance when sitting and standing up. Molift Raiser Pro always provides safe support.
The Molift Raiser Pro is suitable for use with a single carer and more details are provided with the product user guide.

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Need a hand?

Our customer support team are available Monday to Friday to help answer your questions.

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  • Two soft padded leg supports can be height adjusted
  • Designed and manufactured in Norway
  • Low step with non-slip surface for ease of use
  • The front of the platform is curved to fit closer to the toilet
  • On the handlebar there are two attachment point for assisting accessories
  • Central brake mechanism is activated by one foot on either side
  • Made from steel, plastic alloy
  • Sit-to-stand and small distance transfer aid
  • Ideal for users who have the ability to stand and weight bear
  • Good for use in confined spaces and for short transfers, such as between beds, wheelchairs/shower chairs and in toilets
  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Multiple grips for both the user and carer
  • 2 year warranty
  • Overall dimensions: W 540mm L 630mm H 1200mm mm
  • Safe working load: 170 kg
  • Care instructions: Clean/disinfect the product using a standard non-abrasive cleaning agent with a pH between 5 and 9, or with a 70% disinfectant solution. The product can be safely cleaned in a cabinet washer-disinfector at 70°C for 10 minutes
  • Material: steel, plastic
  • Product weight: 14.2 kg
User Manual