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TurnAid Safe turning system

Made in Denmark

Code(s): 1951, 1952

New Feature: The speed of the motor rolls can be adjusted to respectively 100%, 75% and 50% when using the new speed control function.

TurnAid is a safe turning system which is a unique combination of an electrically driven turning sheet and two bed rails. It improves the working environment by increasing the safety and the dignity of the occupant while reducing the pain and discomfort they may experience when being turned and moved as required. The TurnAid will effectively, safely and easily get the job done with maximum consideration for both the patient and care staff. TurnAid is easily installed on most types of care beds.


  • Speed control: The speed of the motor rolls can be adjusted to respectively 100%, 75% and 50%
  • Reduces carers from 2 to 1
  • Easy and simple to operate and to change sheets
  • Easy to turn the patient on their side and move the patient from side to side of bed, reducing working distance
  • Possible to mount 1 or 2 foot control
  • Patient can hold onto bed rail
  • Gentle turning and moving for the patient and less strain and risk of injury for the carer
  • Can be used on extra-low beds and lower bed heights
  • 360° view out of bed rail for the patient


Code(s) 1951 1952
Size Single Super single
Overall dimensions L 1900 H 570 W 900mm L 1900 H 570 W 1100mm
Safe working load 350kg 350kg
Max height 570mm 570mm
Minimum client requirements 40kg 40kg
Depth 1900mm 1900mm

Cubro TurnAid system

TurnAid safe turning system

TurnAid safe turning system

Information sheet

PDF 402 KB

Rationale support guide

A support guide created to assist with funding applications for the TurnAid safe turning system
PDF 336 KB

User manual

PDF 2.3 MB

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