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Viking Maxi Hilite chair
  • Code(s): 610M600, 610M650
Viking® Euro high back rehab chair
  • Code(s): 626S
Viking® Euro low back rehab chair
  • Code(s): 625S
Viking® Hilite chair
  • Code(s): 610S
Viking® Hilite chair with visco memory foam
  • Code(s): 628CO
Viking® Legrest
  • Code(s): 60L-SLATE
Viking® Maxi rehab chair
  • Code(s): 609M550, 609M650
Viking® rehab chair
  • Code(s): 609S
Viking® Support stool
  • Code(s): 746
Viking® Support stool with arms
  • Code(s): 746A
Viking® Hilite chair mobility wheels
  • Code(s): 60W