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Haelvoet Domus® Classic Flex chair

Made in Belgium

Code(s): 30080, 31055, 31054, 31057, 31058, 31056, 30063

Designed specifically for Aged Care and Hospitals, the Domus Flex chair by Haelvoet combines comfort, care, and functionality with sleek European design. Packed full of practical and user-friendly features, the ergonomic design of the Domus provides exceptional comfort, good postural support, and pressure distribution.

Transitioning between the three positions - seating, reading and relaxing (Zero-G position) - is smooth and simple, ensuring the user's calm environment is undisturbed.

The tilting mechanism can be easily adjusted by the user simply by pushing back on the chair. When reclining, this chair first raises the leg rest, and from there the backrest and leg rest are synchronised, reducing shear and friction.

All Haelvoet chairs are made from the highest quality fabric which includes a specialised Standard Sanitized antibacterial treatment. Sanitized is the worldwide leader in antimicrobial hygiene protection.

These chairs have been thoughtfully designed to make them easy for healthcare teams to use and maintain. Built to last, Haelvoet furniture comes with a 10 year warranty.

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Need a hand?

Our customer support team are available Monday to Friday to help answer your questions.

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  • 3 comfort positions: Seating, reading and relaxing (Zero G position)
  • Intuitive and easy to use - users can simply lie back and allow the chair to adjust to their desired comfort position
  • High back for extra stability and support
  • Ergonomically designed backrest promotes good posture and keeps users central and upright
  • Removeable head/neck cushion offers additional support and comfort
  • Contoured comfort armrests
  • Optimal height for safe entry/exit
  • Removeable cushion for cleaning and future replacement
  • Slide out footplate reduces the risk of foot entrapment
  • Slimline design for narrow doorways and spaces
  • Standard Santized fabric treatment provides antimicrobial hygiene protection and is easy clean
  • 100mm castors make this easy to move where needed
  • Overall dimensions: W 620 D 730 H 1150' mm
  • Safe working load: 135 kg
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Abrasion resistance: > 100 000 Martindale rubs (EN 12947-2)
  • Armrest height: 640 mm
  • Castor size: 100 mm
  • Colour fastness to light: Cotton support (120 g/m2) with PVC coating (740 g/m2) protected by a coat of varnish (5 g/m2). 1.30 thickness (EN 5084) and 865g/m weight (EN 2286-2)
  • Fabric category: Imitation leather Haelvoet standard collection
  • Flammability: M2 (NFP 92-503) Crib 5 (BS 5852 ignition source 5)
  • Hygiene: Urine-resistant
  • Material: Treated with anti-bacterial treatment (Sanitized®) and waterproof
  • Max height: 1150 mm
  • Reclining length: 1460 mm
  • Seat dimensions: W 520 D 510 mm
  • Seat height: 530 mm
  • Tear resistance: L. = 1,2 daN / 5 cm B. = 1,0 daN / 5 cm (ISO 4674)
  • Tensile strength: L. = 30 daN / 5 cm B. = 12 daN / 5 cm (ISO 1421)
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