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Milano® Medication cart with electric lock
  • Code(s): 688E
Milano® ABS Tray with fixed divider set
  • Code(s): MXT-3, MXT-6
Milano® Accessory bridge
  • Code(s): P-AB
Milano® Adjustable drawer divider set
  • Code(s): 3601, 3603
Milano® Back rail
  • Code(s): VPR-1
Milano® Basket
  • Code(s): EBB
Milano® Bottle holder
  • Code(s): EBH
Milano® Bottle holder with side rail
  • Code(s): VBH+VPR-2
Milano® Bulk storage bins with back rail
  • Code(s): VBS-1+VPR-1
Milano® Catheter holder with side rail
  • Code(s): VCH+VPR-2
Milano® Defibrillator shelf
  • Code(s): VDS
Milano® Documents holder
  • Code(s): VDH+VPR-2
Milano® Drawer divider set
  • Code(s): 3600, 3602
Milano® Fold-down shelf
  • Code(s): 3658
Milano® IV pole basket with clamp
  • Code(s): ISB
Milano® IV push handle
  • Code(s): IPH
Milano® Medication cart waste bin
  • Code(s): 689
Milano® Oxygen tank holder with side rail
  • Code(s): VO2+VPR-2
Milano® Plastic seals with serial number
  • Code(s): VPS
Milano® Pole mounted rail set
  • Code(s): FS165-PM
Milano® Push handle
  • Code(s): EHL
Milano® Sharps container basket
  • Code(s): VSCS
Milano® Sharps container basket with side rail
  • Code(s): VSC+VPR-2
Milano® Storage basket
  • Code(s): MMS