Configura® Comfort chair provides ultimate comfort for Annette

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A car accident followed by a stroke and the onset of lymphedema and osteoarthritis has left Masterton’s Annette McKenzie in an unenviable position.

Annette has been virtually immobile for the past eight or nine years as her right leg is severely swollen and too painful to walk on. She finds it impossible to get in and out of bed without assistance and spends most of her day sitting or lying down which causes pressure injuries.

Yet a Configura® Comfort Chair supplied by Cubro has changed Annette’s quality of life and significantly improved her health.

“The chair is just so comfy — it’s comfort like I’ve never felt before,” she explains. Annette restfully naps in her chair as it can fully recline and uses the adjustable rise function to help transfer herself in and out of her wheelchair.

"It’s comfort like I’d never felt before."

“I’m fiercely independent so I’m thrilled I can get in and out of the chair without help whenever I want to. My legs can be elevated nice and high, and the swelling of my leg has gone down. Beforehand, I was uncomfortable, and my blood pressure was really high. But that’s gone down now too. My GP is quite rapt with the difference it has made because he pushed quite hard and recommended, I get a specialist chair.”

Annette attended the 2020 Show Your Ability Expo in Palmerston North where she first came across Cubro Equipment Advisor Rod Lewis and the Configura® Comfort Chair. As soon as she sat down, she knew she wanted one.

Both the seat depth and the width between armrests are adjustable, and the backrest pillows are configurable to achieve the right comfort level and postural support. The rise function makes transfers easy, and the tilt-in-space function maximises pelvic stability and helps reduce shear and friction. In addition, the integrated memory foam seat cushion can be swapped out for a comfort air cell cushion or another pressure care cushion – something which Annette has opted for.

“I didn’t realise how sore I’d been sitting in other chairs before this one. I’m still aware of those pressure areas but it’s not intensely sore anymore and my skin is healing.”

Annette’s Occupational Therapist in Masterton took care of the referral process and worked with Cubro to arrange funding for the new chair. Annette is also grateful for the time and care both Rod Lewis and her OT took when setting the chair up for her at home. “They were brilliant. They really made sure everything was adjusted right to meet my comfort needs. Rod from Cubro wasn’t judgmental of my situation at all. He genuinely cared.”

Annette doesn’t need any additional pillows as her new chair is so comfortable. “And just being able to get in and out of the chair and go to the toilet by myself without having to have somebody help me, is such a huge plus.”

"They really made sure everything was adjusted right to meet my comfort needs."

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