Our story

We’re on a mission to enhance the quality of lives

At Cubro, we’ve been enhancing the quality of lives for 40 years. And that’s something we’re very proud of. 

Our success is attributed to the passion of our team, our partnerships with suppliers, and the loyalty of our customers who trust us to provide world‑leading healthcare solutions. 

At Cubro, everything we do is based on our shared belief that people have the right to enjoy a great quality of life, irrespective of age, or ability.

This belief drives us to search the globe to bring life-changing equipment and solutions, to empower all New Zealanders to live their best lives.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop trusted partnerships across multiple markets, including Public and Private Hospitals, Aged Care and Community Care. We also partner with a network of retailers to make our mobility and assisted living solutions available to New Zealanders. We deeply value these relationships and are committed to helping our partners succeed. One way we do this is by providing an unrivalled range of added-value services, like equipment condition surveys and maintenance, education and more.

What makes us different is our agile approach to problem solving, innovation and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We understand the importance of taking time to really listen to the needs of our customers and are inspired by their stories.  

We are privileged to have helped so many New Zealanders to live better lives, and we look forward to partnering with you to help many more. 

Our purpose

We exist to provide solutions that enhance the quality of lives.

Covering the country


Going the extra mile for our customers is a core part of our DNA. Our preparedness to travel long distances to deliver Healthcare solutions stems way back from our humble beginnings on the family orchard in Hastings.  

Back then we drove up and down the country in an old Ford Transit, delivering the latest solutions to customers; covering a little more ground each time. Although we’ve upgraded our fleet and have since found some faster ways of getting around, our commitment to covering the country has not waivered. 

With firmly established offices, teams, and distribution centers in Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin, we’re proud to connect with customers in each and every corner of this beautiful country.  

We’re also very lucky to call Tauranga home. Our purpose-built Headquarters provides us with the perfect base to quickly distribute innovative solutions, where and when they’re needed. It’s also pretty handy to one of New Zealand’s largest ports and some of Aotearoa’s most beautiful landscapes (of course, that’s with our Bay-tinted sunnies on).  

Traveling the extra mile is just one of the everyday things we do to make a big difference in the lives of Kiwis, wherever they live. And while our travel methods may continue to change, our commitment to covering the country won’t.

Learn a bit more about us

Our history


  • We joined forces with Euromedical

    We have always admired Euromedical’s desire to provide customer-focused solutions, while also building a great team that cares for our healthcare community. We joined forces to accomplish a more comprehensive vision – one that we believe we can better achieve together.


  • Opened our state-of-the-art operating theatre showroom

    To allow customers to experience the latest surgical equipment and digital integration technology first hand, we opened a state-of-the-art operating theatre showroom at our Tauranga headquarters.


  • Opened our Dunedin branch

    With demand increasing, we recognised the need to establish a second branch in the South Island and opened a branch in Dunedin.


  • Cubro acquired Opritech to provide world-class theatre solutions

     After acquiring Opritech in 2020, we can provide our customers with even more innovative solutions that help to achieve the best health outcomes, We're excited about being able to offer world-leading theatre equipment to public and private hospitals throughout New Zealand.


  • Hired our 100th team member – and then some!

    Our team went from big to, well, bigger! We continue to employ skilled, talented locals where needed to help drive our operations and deliver unrivaled customer service. We were excited to hire our 100th Cubro team member in 2018.


  • Built our award-winning Headquarters in Tauranga

    After a few years in the making, we moved into a brand new agile office environment, designed to foster collaboration and provide employees with a strong sense of wellbeing. With chef-prepared healthy food options provided each day and an in-house gym, this space has been designed with the whole team in mind. 


  • Cubro team triples in numbers

    Our unwavering desire to continually improve the high-levels of service we offer to customers, combined with the rapid expansion of our product range, meant that we had to attract and retain fresh talent to help drive our operations forward throughout the country. By the end of 2012, we tripled the number of team members we had the previous year. 


  • Established Cubro Xpress, our own dedicated delivery and installation team

    We wanted to take our customer service to the next level, by providing peace of mind that deliveries and installations of complex equipment, or large projects, would be handled only by our specialist team. The Cubro Xpress team consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients by ensuring their equipment is in the right place and set up properly for safe use from the outset. 

  • Opened our Wellington branch

    To enable our offering to be truly nationwide and, after establishing branches in Auckland and Christchurch, we decided it was time to make our mark in the capital. 


  • Established specialist service and maintenance, and upholstery teams

    We recognised the need to provide customised solutions to help meet the needs of particular individuals, such as those who are at risk of developing pressure injuries. So, we established an upholstery team that creates bespoke solutions. We also identified the need for improved after-care services in the industry and decided to lead the way by being one of the few healthcare equipment providers to offer their own dedicated aftercare support services. 


  • Opened our first showroom in Tauranga

    Shortly after settling into our HQ on Hynds Road, we officially opened a public showroom for our customers to pop in and try out the latest healthcare equipment for themselves. 


  • Moved into our first custom-built HQ in Tauranga

    With an ever-expanding product range and specialised team, we designed a purpose-built warehouse and office on Hynds Road. 


  • Established Christchurch branch

    Not to be outdone, a year after opening in Auckland, we also found a home for our main South Island site in Christchurch. 


  • Established Auckland sales office and warehouse

    With demand increasing, we recognised the need to ensure that all New Zealanders could access our range of quality healthcare equipment solutions. So we took the plunge and opened a premise in Auckland. 

    Photo by Nick Sarvari on Unsplash


  • Doubled our warehouse and office space

    Continued growth saw the need for us to expand our new Headquarters in Melame Street in 1997, to create larger warehouse and office areas.


  • Relocated to the sunny Bay of Plenty

    The company was growing rapidly and despite their love for the Hawkes Bay, the Currie families decided that moving to the sunny Bay of Plenty would be the best move for the business. With its central location and established port, the Bay of Plenty provided greater opportunities for expansion. 


  • First commercial building purchased in Hastings

    We established our very first Cubro Headquarters in Hastings - a building that affectionately became known as the "Pink Panther."


  • Where it all began

    The Currie brothers first invented the Gib Lifter to fit plasterboard to ceilings in a Doctor's office in Hastings, New Zealand. The Doctor thought the safe lifting device was ingenious and asked the brothers about their other inventions, that could support patients. And so began, Cubro's long history of supplying healthcare equipment to help medical professionals deliver the best care.