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Preventing the risk of falls

Preventing a resident from falling is a common issue faced by many Aged Care facilities and it is becoming increasingly more important to strike the right balance between making sure the resident is safe without restricting their freedom or dignity. 
This month we feature a range of safe equipment solutions designed with keeping that balance in mind.
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Caring for people with dementia, as well as those who are susceptible to falls, presents enormous challenges for caregivers. With this in mind we have searched the globe to bring you one of the most reliable and toughest care mats on the market.

The CareMat is simply placed beside the resident’s bed or in front of the door to the room and is then connected to the in-house nurse call system, wirelessly or by cable. As soon as a resident steps onto the mat, the CareMat triggers a signal that is relayed to the carer.

Early intervention triggered by the CareMat can reduce the risk of falls and the dangers which can arise when at-risk residents wander off or become disorientated. It is a valuable aid to assist care staff in preventing potential falls yet doesn’t restrict a resident’s independence or movement.

Wi-bo SafeSense®

Wi-bo SafeSense® : the intelligent bed exit sensor system

The intelligent bed exit sensor system

With SafeSense®, Wi-bo presents an intelligent assistance sensor system, that provides greater safety without the need for restraints.

SafeSense® signals nursing staff that the resident has left the bed or about to leave it. This provides faster response times in the event of falls and greater safety during the night and weekend shifts.

Learn more about SafeSense®

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Congratulations to the winners of our Aged Care Heroes campaign:

Belinda Snell Downs at Moana House and Village, Whangamata

Vicki Thompson at Trinity Home and Hospital, Hawera

Annette Humphries at Waihi Lodge, Geraldine

The team at Maylon House, Mount Maunganui

Thank you for your amazing work!