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Stop Pressure Injury Day 2021

Worldwide Stop Pressure Injury Day is on the 18th of November. As Occupational Therapists, we know that you're just as committed to helping prevent pressure injuries as we are. We believe education is key, which is why we have many resources available for you to share with your teams, your clients, their carers and whanau.

Pressure care resources

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Stop pressure injuries with SSKIN

Watch as the Cubro team give an overview of the SSKIN framework for effective pressure injury prevention 

Prevent and heal pressure injuries with Winncare's alternating air mattresses

Winncare are world leaders in designing and manufacturing specialist pressure care lying surface solutions for at-risk, to extremely high-risk individuals. Designed to prevent and heal pressure injuries from stage 1 to 4, Winncare’s range of alternating air mattresses have been developed (and are continually improved), in collaboration with European healthcare professionals, their clients, carers; and based on the analysis of the results of the clinical studies they undertake.

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