Meet Rod Lewis - our moving and handling expert

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Making life easier for carers and providing more dignity for those in their care is the key goal of our moving and handling equipment specialist, Rod Lewis.

Rod has over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked alongside occupational therapists in the community for the past six years on behalf of Cubro. He’s now also putting his expert knowledge on moving and handling equipment to use helping support hospitals to find solutions for their staff and patients.

“It's all about making it easier and safer for carers to do their job,” Rod explains. “Particularly nowadays with the pressure they’re under – staff shortages and everyone being over capacity. If you talk to older nurses, caregivers or manual handling people they’ll often tell you they’ve got sore backs and sore shoulders. One report shows a nurse did more lifting in a day than a builder!

“Choosing the right equipment is all about making their job easier and attracting more people to enter the workforce. Also having the right equipment in place makes it a lot safer and more dignified for the person as well.”

Rod will be assisting the Cubro team with any manual handling queries they get, especially around complex projects or situations.

"Having the right equipment in place makes it a lot safer and more dignified for the person."

“I can help with overhead lifting, mobile lifters, slings including specialised bariatric and amputee types, turning systems and transfer equipment. Manual handling covers a wide range of products really. For example it’s often easier to transfer into a commode or chair with tilt-in-space for correct positioning.”

Rod particularly enjoys problem-solving and finding solutions that will enhance someone’s quality of life.

“I want to help create more awareness of what is available, and provide equipment to evaluate and assess to see that it’s a worthwhile investment to save staff time, reduce injuries and provide more job satisfaction.”

Rod studied mechanical engineering in Wellington before starting his career in the automotive industry. “That’s a helpful background to have, particularly with overhead lifting as it can be quite technical – just looking at how and where equipment is installed, how it’s going to work, and how it’s going to fit.”

He’s travelled to Denmark in the past to undertake specialist training on manual handling and says the healthcare industry is wonderful to work in. “I really do enjoy working with healthcare professionals. They’re just a really good bunch to work with and it’s really satisfying to be able to do something to improve someone’s quality of life.”

"It’s really satisfying to be able to do something to improve someone’s quality of life.”

Rod is born and bred in Wellington, and outside of the office he enjoys tramping and walks around the Wellington region, and spending time with his wife and three children.

“I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity. I think there’s a lot of scope to work alongside carers to make manual handling improvements. We have some unique offerings that will make life a lot easier for carers and those in their care, and solutions we can put in place with a lot less disruption.”

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