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We've put together some frequently asked questions to help you navigate our site. Take a look through the FAQs. 

If you are an existing Cubro customer and account holder, you can log in to this platform. By logging in, you'll get to view all the products that are relevant to your organisation, plus you'll get exclusive access to our helpful resources area. 

When logging in, it's important that you use your work email address as that helps us to verify who you are. 

If you are a Cubro customer and you'd like login access, please fill in the sign up form to the right of our login page and send it our way. We'll check that you're in our system and will get back to you within 1-2 working days to confirm once you're set up and ready to roll.

If you aren't a Cubro account holder or a wholesale customer of ours, unfortunately, you won't get a login just yet. This is because this platform has been designed especially for our customers. This may change in the future and we'll keep you in the loop.

Login or sign up

Never fear, you can reset your password at any time by using the link on the login page. Simply enter your email, activate the link sent to you in an email (remember to check your junk email folder just in case), and you'll be directed to reset your password. Easy! 

To be safe, please set a password that's at least 12 characters long, and sorry, you won't be able to re-use old passwords that you've used to access this site before.  

Reset your password

We're sorry to hear that things aren't going smoothly. We are here to help and encourage you to get in touch with us if you get stuck at any point. 

Get in touch

We've tailored this platform to try and show you products that are most relevant to the healthcare area you work in. 

Aged Care customers
  • If you are an aged care customer with online ordering, you'll be able to see and order products that are on your Approved equipment list (AEL) or sales contract with us. You'll also be able to browse products that aren't on your list, so you can keep up to date with new equipment solutions
  • If you are an aged care customer without online ordering, you'll be able to browse our product range and request quotes

Community Care customers
  • If you are an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist working in the community, you'll be able to switch your view so you can easily see products that are currently available via Accessable MoH, Accessable ACC and Enable MoH approved lists.
  • You'll be able to request quotes for all of these products, in addition to our entire equipment range
Hospital Care customers
  • If you work in a DHB, you'll be able to see products that are on the PHARMAC approved list and request quotes for these. You'll also be able to browse products that aren't on your list, so you can keep up to date with new equipment solutions
  • If you work in a private hospital, you'll be able to browse our extensive product range and request quotes

Retail Care customers
  • If you are one of our retail partners with online ordering. you'll be able to see and order products that are on your Approved equipment list (AEL) or sales contract with us. You'll also be able to browse products that aren't on your list, so you can keep up to date with new equipment solutions
  • If you are a retail partner without online ordering, you'll be able to browse our product range and request quotes

To be set up as an online ordering customer, you must have a sales contract in place (something we often refer to as an Approved equipment list). If you'd like to find out more about how you can set up online ordering for your organisation, then we'd love to chat further. 

Talk to us today

If you have a sales contract and online ordering is set up for your organisation, then you can simply login and order any products from your Approved equipment list when and where it suits you.

If you work in an organisation where you require approval before an online order comes through to our team, your order request will be sent directly to your approver's "pending approval" folder in their dashboard. 

Once approved, you will get an email notification to confirm your order has been approved and it will be sent to us for processing. 

If your approver is away, you can ask your organisation's administrator to approve this order for you.

To request a quote for a product, simply click into a product, select the option and colour you'd like, and add it to your quote. You can add as many products as you'd like to a quote and, you can even save a draft to view again later. Once you're happy with your quote list, checkout, follow the instructions and it'll land in our email. Our team will aim to get your quote out to you as soon as possible.

If you need an urgent quote, it's always best to give our team a call on 0800 656 527.

As a head office administrator, you can do a few extra things on the platform. You can:

  • See all online orders placed by anyone in your organisation
  • View everyone who has access to online ordering within your organisation 
  • Approve pending orders if you like (however you won't receive emails to alert you when there's a pending order that needs approval)
  • Contact us to request changes to the users in your organisation
  • Contact us to add products to your sales contract

We've created a trials area in your dashboard and if you have any products on trial with a client, you'll be able to see them here. Head to your dashboard and take a look. 

You'll notice that all products, documents, and resources have a heart icon on them which means you can save them to the favourites area in your dashboard. You can create unique lists that you can share with your teammates or create a list of recommended products to print off and take with you when you go to see a client. 

You can share favourites via email with teammates who also have a Cubro login, and they can then save them directly to their favourites folder.

Is something in need of a service or repair? You'll find a contact us form on the main menu.

To help our team get to your request faster, please include a PO number with your request below, and a product serial number if you can spot it easily.

If you’re unsure what the product is or what part you need, please upload a photo or file. The more information we receive - the better! 

Your request will go directly to our service team who will be in touch with you as soon as they can. 

Service request

Your "My documents" area is a space our team will use when we want to share videos, documents, and other files just with you. We will let you know once we have shared something so you can find it in your dashboard. 

You can keep track of the upcoming events and webinars you're interested in by viewing our Events page. 

If you spot any events you'd like to attend, click on the event and hit the "Add to my events" button. This event will automatically save in your dashboard under the "My events" tab, so you'll have all the information to hand when you need it. 

You can also favourite events and share them with your teammates. 

We'd love to know if something changes, like your job title, phone number, or email address. If you need to make a change, simply update your information in the "My profile" tab in your dashboard. 

Our e-newsletters are a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest thought leadership, product innovations, and invites to our exclusive webinars and events. Visit the "Stay current with our e-updates" tab in your dashboard and choose what emails you'd like to get. 

Parts are now linked to products. So if you're looking for a part, first find the product you want the part for on the site, scroll down to the bottom and you should find the associated parts. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, then it's always best to contact our service team. So they can help you faster, we encourage you to send us a service and maintenance request form. You can do so with the click of the button below.

Request a part

You'll find a user manual in the "Downloads" area under each product. 

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