Corporate responsibility

We’re committed to contributing to support all New Zealanders and the environments in which we live and work.

We know that our actions have the potential to impact the well-being of our people, partners, customers, communities, and the environment. Being a responsible corporate citizen is one of the best ways we can show New Zealand that we’re committed to long term success for all.

Being kind to the environment

We're always looking for ways to minimise the impact our business has on the environment. We are currently working with EKOS to better understand and come up with practical strategies we can implement to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Giving back

We actively contribute to supporting a wide range of initiatives, both in our local community and abroad. We focus on supporting Healthcare organisations that, like us, are striving to improve the quality of lives. We give back through a range of community-based health initiatives like:

  • Partnering with Otago University to provide practical training and education for tomorrow's Occupational Therapists and Nurses
  • Partnering with NZACA to provide practical training and education sessions for members through their annual roadshows
  • Free training and education workshops and webinars for our customers about a range of topics such as pressure injury prevention, and ways we can adopt safe moving and handling techniques to reduce workplace injuries
  • Sponsoring a range of education and awareness days in DHBs including falls prevention and study days
  • Donating equipment to our neighbours in the Pacific Islands to help raise their standards of care

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce

We’re committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees and actively encourage and support ongoing learning and professional development. 

Providing responsible products and services for our customers

We’re committed to quality and have been a certified supplier of rehabilitation, medical and healthcare equipment solutions since 1996. Our Tauranga premises is accredited with Standard ISO 9001:2015 and only partner with reputable suppliers who share our values, ethics, and sustainable practices. 

Sharing our knowledge through training and education

We’re passionate about training and educating our customers so that they can use our products competently and safely. We’re also committed to supporting industry training initiatives like pressure care and safe moving and handling, so we can help New Zealand to reduce the costs associated with wound care and workplace injuries.