Cubro® Overhead lifting solutions


We specialise in designing and installing a diverse range of overhead lifting solutions in private homes, hospitals and Aged Care facilities.
Our overhead lifting solutions are the most effective and safe way to lift and move an individual. Mounting all the lifting equipment at ceiling height frees up floor space and makes it much easier to get around. Everything you need to carry out a lift or a move is always close to hand.
Our solutions are designed for heavy lifting with capacities of 175kg to 500kg. They are effortless to operate and provide exceptional freedom of movement. In addition to reducing the strain on carers and minimising the risk of moving and handling injuries, these solutions make it possible for a single carer to complete a range of safe and secure transfers without assistance.
As part of our complete service offering, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing service and maintenance on request.

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We will work with you, your clients and care teams to define your needs, navigate all the key design considerations and deliver a complete solution that will help you to achieve the specific outcomes you're looking for.
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  • Speed: More time for care
  • Efficiency: Always ready for use
  • Comfort: Our solutions run effortlessly, are quiet and gentle
  • Safety: Simple, intuitive operation; emergency functions
  • Ergonomic: Supports good posture and provides space and freedom to move


  • Emergency lowering:
    Hoists - Mobile
  • Absorption:
    Lifting, Transferring and Standing Equipment
  • Type:

Elevating everyday life: Cubro overhead lifting solutions in the home

Kate and her carer speak about their journey towards getting an overhead lifting system installed in her home and how it has improved their lives

Equipment training: Discover the Molift and Ergolet range of overhead lifting solutions

Discover the Molift and Ergolet range of overhead lifting solutions for safe and efficient moving and handling

Overhead lifting - Rationale support guide

A support guide created to assist with funding applications for our overhead lifting solutions
PDF 321 KB

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