Cubro OT Ingenuity Awards

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Updated: 27/10/2020 – CUBRO® OT Ingenuity Awards is now closed. Thank you for all the nominations

What better way to celebrate World OT Day than to recognise and award some of the incredible work OTs have provided. We must say we have enjoyed reading all your CUBRO® OT Ingenuity nominations and we are excited to announce…

The winner of CUBRO® OT Ingenuity is Maree Healey and Lauren Clarke for their innovative approach towards motivating a client to use her powered wheelchair outdoors. In summary, they used the concept of the adventure gameshow ‘Amazing Race’ to engage and motivate her to go outside with a graded approach. A $500 Countdown voucher will be coming your way!

2nd place is Alexandra Jensen who goes above and beyond for her clients even chipping in for rehab activities like gardening and mobile top ups so they can get in touch with her and believes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

3rd place goes to Kate Ferris who showed her dedication to the role while in hospital she taught the whole ward about the reverse Trendelenburg position on the beds so they could all sit up and to speak to one another and eat with ease.

Well done to our CUBRO® OT Ingenuity Winners.

Join us to celebrate innovative Occupational Therapists

The role of an OT is certainly not an easy one and, with a few extra obstacles this year, in the lead up to OT Week, we wanted to find a way to recognise their amazing work and celebrate what an innovative bunch OTs are.

We decided to create the CUBRO® OT Ingenuity Awards as a fun way to recognise some of the incredible solutions OTs have provided for clients in the community, with the prize winners announced this World OT Day.

Nominate someone you know:

Acknowledge an innovative OT you know by nominating them for CUBRO® OT Ingenuity Awards and they will go in the draw to win!

First place: $500 Countdown voucher, Second place: $250 Countdown voucher, Third place $100 Countdown voucher.

Whether they crafted an innovative solution for a client to overcome a challenge, went above and beyond, used initiative to make a significant difference or maybe it’s a process improvement within a team that has entirely changed the way the team operates – we want to hear about it!

  • To nominate, comment on our competition Facebook post with the name of the OT or team of OTs and share with us why. Get creative with your nomination, photos are encouraged.
  • Get your nominations in by 5pm on Friday 23rd October. Click here for full terms and conditions.
  • The Prize Winners will be announced on World OT Day Tuesday 27th October.

Have a team of OTs you would like to nominate? We can help. Just post the name of the team you would like to nominate on our Facebook page and if they win a prize we’ll touch base with the team so they can determine the worthy prize winner or winners.

Recognise. Nominate. Celebrate