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A global study predicts almost half of all New Zealand adults and a quarter of Kiwi kids will be living with obesity by 2035 if prevention, treatment and support do not improve.

The World Obesity Atlas 2023, published by the World Obesity Federation last year, analysed data for 187 different countries and predicted the economic impact of being overweight or obese will cost over $4 trillion globally in healthcare, absenteeism and premature death.

Knowing how to look after and rehabilitate bariatric individuals effectively will be more important than ever. That’s why Cubro is hosting a special webinar called “Enhancing bariatric client care” on Wednesday 1st May to help improve knowledge among occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other health professionals.

The webinar will be presented by Mette Söderberg, a Denmark-based occupational therapist who is a certificated specialist in aid provision and works as a consultant for Cobi Rehab.

Mette has extensive experience with bariatric rehabilitation related to assistive aids and 24 hour positioning. She has worked for Cobi Rehab for the past nine years and frequently trains occupational therapists, nurses and physiotherapists in bariatric rehabilitation and how to develop trusting and professional relationships with patients.

“The bariatric patient’s situation is not their own fault but is a complex disease with complex issues to solve,” Mette says. “There is still far too much stigmatisation in society but also in the health system.

                Mette Söderberg  

“My experience here in Denmark and Scandinavia is that evidence-based health articles about bariatric care are all about gastric bypasses and medical treatments and not about rehabilitation issues or how to provide the right features in aids.”

The webinar will include a valuable introduction to the world of bariatrics, its origins, how bariatrics is playing out in the world today, and its impact. Mette will explore the physiological and psychological triggers, and the associated diseases and conditions.

“We will examine the diverse range of physiologies and anatomies found in individuals with obesity, encompassing variations in size, shape, and metabolic functioning. We will then look at the range of devices to assist in moving and handling bariatric clients. And we will also extensively cover two vital components of bariatric client care – measurement (for assessment) and positioning which is crucial for comfort, safety, and effective bariatric healthcare delivery.”

Mette says her presentation will focus on clinical practice from a rehabilitation perspective. “I will provide tools for everyday working processes and review the different body shapes, needs and challenges.”

As an OT, Mette has always been curious about the anatomic, physiologic, mental and psychological aspects of human beings and how well-designed equipment can transform someone’s life.

“I am passionate about imparting OT knowledge and advice on the aids that we have in our product portfolio at Cobi Rehab. I enjoy working with all our Danish and Scandinavian partners but also our partners around the world such as Cubro. I’m always exited to hear about how best practice is and how the health system works in other countries.”

This webinar will run from 8-9am on Wednesday 1st May. To secure your spot, register online today.


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