Matty helps improve disability facilities at Wintec

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Navigating your way around a tertiary campus surrounded by thousands of students can be tricky at the best of times. But when you have a disability, the challenges are far greater.


When Wintec student Matty Bauernfeind arrived in 2023, he quickly discovered there wasn’t a disability toilet on campus that would suit his needs. There wasn’t enough room for him to get out of his chair to be changed, forcing Matty to return home whenever he needed the bathroom.

So the 21 year-old has now gone the extra mile and used his own personal funds and a grant from the Ministry of Social Development to install an Ergolet Overhead lifting XY full room coverage solution to make it easier to complete his daily cares while attending classes.

“I have cerebral palsy which means I have to use a wheelchair and need support with everything I do,” Matty explains. “I’m studying a three year communications degree at Wintec. My ideal job would be a football commentator as I’m football mad! My favorite team is Arsenal. Apart from football, I love playing video games and I listen to sports radio in the UK.”

Cubro provided the overhead lifting hoist and installed it in the bathroom, and Matty has generously donated it to Wintec to improve their facilities and make life easier for other mobility impaired students in the years to come.

“Wintec was very accommodating. They were happy to contribute by renovating the old disabled toilet to make it bigger to fit a changing table, hoist and myself. The MSD funding is allocated to an individual and so at the end of study, I have the option to take the hoist away. But I think it is important there is a hoist at Wintec for future and present students. Another student is using it now and she is very grateful that there is a room she can also use for her needs.”

Matty says having the overhead hoist has allowed him to focus on his studies rather than having to worry about how he is going to be changed.

Overhead lifting solutions are the most effective and safe way to lift and move an individual, and provides full access to the entire room. The lifting equipment is mounted on the ceiling to free up floor space, and can lift up to 200kg at a time. It’s quiet and easy to operate, and allows a single carer to complete safe and secure transfers by themselves with less risk of moving or handling injuries.

“The overhead hoist has given me more room when I’m in the toilet to get out of my chair and be changed,” Matty says. “I love all the features of the hoist, particularly how you can get to every area of the room instead of having a single track hoist that only takes me in one direction. My Mum wishes that it was at our house!

“Cubro was very easy to work with and sorted everything at their end for me. I would definitely recommend the overhead hoist to anyone with a disability.

“My motivation for wanting to leave the hoist at Wintec after I leave is so that other students who have mobility impairments can go onto further education after they leave high school, and not have to worry about changing facilities.”


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