State-of-the-art operating theatre continues to impress

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One year after opening its state-of-the-art operating theatre, Tasman Day Surgery continues to wow patients and attract medical professionals from all over New Zealand.

The theatre, which was built and comprehensively fitted out by Cubro, is currently providing endoscopy, general surgery, colorectal, gynecology, ENT, skin and orthopaedic procedures with other medical specialties now also enquiring about using the facility.

Tasman Day Surgery’s General Manager, Lynda Wakefield, regularly gives tours to surgeons, nursing staff and anaethestic technicians and says their first response is always ‘wow, I want to work here!

It’s absolutely fantastic. It is just amazing to show people through and hear them comment that we have everything – they don’t need anything else. It’s all right here. This space is something that a lot of people are impressed by. Just having room to move… because you can have eight people in the operating theatre sometimes. It’s big.

The rare addition of having natural light in the theatre is also a big plus. The room is fitted with automatic blinds that come down when required. “It’s a super lovely feature," Lynda says.

Staff and patients enter through ‘no touch’ doors that maintain privacy while improving infection control. While wall-mounted monitors report on everything from the humidity and temperature of the room, to what’s happening with surgical equipment. And all procedures are visible on a large screen so everyone involved can see what’s going on.

The theatre’s HVAC unit and laminar flow diffuser provide 20 complete air changes every hour and the surgical lights, medical gas, AGSS plant and vacuum plant are all top-of-the-line. “The whole theatre is state-of-the-art. It’s the best there is,” Lynda says.

A touchscreen monitor controls all surgical equipment in the theatre

General and colorectal surgeon, Dr Jane Strang, says she has a smile on her face whenever she walks into Tasman Day Surgery.

“The team are wonderful, the workspace is streamlined which helps reduce patient waiting time, and the equipment is excellent. It really is a pleasure to operate there.” 

Registered nurse Teresa Lovell also loves working in such a well-designed environment. “The theatre is wonderful to work in, I love the colours and the natural light. It makes work enjoyable and I am always finding new features that make the work day easier.

“The carefully planned layout and thoughtful use of space mean the patient’s journey from the front door to discharge provides patient privacy, whilst optimising the safe and efficient running of operating lists for the theatre team. The modern design and the use of the most up-to-date equipment available ensure great patient care that is timely and to a high standard.”

"The modern design and the use of the most up-to-date equipment available ensure great patient care that is timely and to a high standard.”

Lynda says patients are also impressed with the theatre which features a soothing colour scheme and a stunning picture of Abel Tasman printed on one of the glass walls.

“When patients come in they’re often quite anxious. Then you walk them into this theatre and their focus changes to the beautiful picture and the lovely relaxing colours. They’re wowed by that as opposed to super stressed about what’s about to happen. You can see their faces lift and they just feel like ‘okay, this is professional. I’m safe.’ It’s a purpose-built operating theatre – not just some painted room at the back of a building.”

The soothing colour scheme and image of Abel Tasman helps patients relax as arrive for their procedures

The Opritech® theatre was mainly built off-site and then installed within a matter of weeks. It features glass panel walls rather than traditional GIB to improve hygiene and allow for easy access should any equipment need to be changed, serviced or upgraded in future.

 Around 65 procedures a month are currently carried out at Tasman Day Surgery, with plans to increase that number, and patient throughput, as more medical specialists and staff come on board.

 “Cubro has been fantastic to deal with from beginning to end, and both patients and medical staff love this operating theatre,” Lynda says. “It’s all going extremely well and we couldn’t be happier.”

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