Tilt-in-space shower commodes prove a great time saver

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When you’re tight on staff and have dozens of residents to look after, having the right equipment on hand to speed up daily cares can make a world of difference.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village’s hospital wing in Christchurch recently invested in 15 Etac Swift Mobile Tilt-2 shower commodes which tilt-in-space, meaning only one carer is required per resident to perform daily cares instead of two.

Care Facility Manager Rachel Wilson says over half the residents in their 45 bed hospital wing need physical assistance to get in and out of bed to use the toilet and shower each day. “We require two carers to get the resident into the hoist to get them out of bed, but once they’re in the tilt chair, one carer can maneuver it on their own and look after that person in the shower which frees up the other person to go and help someone else.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village’s Caregiver Educator, Jackie Guilford, agrees the ETAC Swift-2 have had a positive impact for everyone on site.

“We quickly saw the benefits from using this type of shower chair,” she says. “It was discussed among staff who had been at other facilities that the chair allows for better use of staff time and the chair adapted to the resident’s individual needs.”

The Etac Swift Mobile Tilt-2 has a tilt function (+5˚ to -35˚) that can be operated from either the side or the back of the commode to help carers achieve an ergonomically-correct work position. It also helps carers to maintain eye contact and communication so residents feel safe and secure.

The height, width, backrest and headrest are fully adjustable, providing maximum comfort for every body shape and size. It comes with two fasteners to hold the user in place and gas pistons bring the seat smoothly into an upright position to reduce the manual load on carers. Jackie says the lightweight frame and tilt feature means staff don’t have to reach as much.

“These shower commodes are comfortable for residents but also efficient. Staff are working smarter, not harder, and residents are happier because they can get up quicker to get on with their day.”

“The new commodes are also more comfortable for residents due to the mesh netting on the back. It moulds around them which creates no pressure on the spine, so that’s great. The net doesn’t absorb any water so resident’s clothing and bits and bobs don’t get damp when you are dressing them. So that also helps with better time management.”

Seat height can be adjusted without tools and the ergonomically curved foot supports are particularly good for shorter residents whose legs would otherwise dangle in the air.

“For stroke patients and residents who lack head and neck control, it also supports the back of their head while having a shower. You can swing away the arms of the chair too. So for larger residents, that can help prevent any pinching of the skin and makes transfers nice and easy.”

A resident at Lady Wigram who has Motor Neurone Disease has expressed to Jackie how this shower commode has allowed him to remain more independent. “Some shower chairs are really low, but the height adjustment on this tilt chair means he can move from his wheelchair onto it really easily,” she explains.

The Etac Swift Mobile Tilt-2 comes complete with pan holder and pan with a lid, and has non-slip hygienic surfaces. “Cleaning is easy due to being able to remove the seat which allows the chair frame to be exposed which means all surfaces can be cleaned properly.”

Overall, Lady Wigram’s care facility team say their new shower commodes are comfortable, easy to use, efficient and give greater independence to residents who may otherwise require trolley baths to complete their daily cares.

“We’re very happy with them. They’re good quality products and Cubro have been fantastic to deal with. They look at things from a practical point of view, understand our budgets and understand what residents’ needs are.”

If you would like to find out more about our Etac Swift Mobile Tilt-2 shower commode, please get in touch with our team on 0800 656 527 or email [email protected] 

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