Wish 4 Fish make fishing accessible

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We are proud supporters of Wish 4 Fish, a registered charitable trust that was established in 2011 by Bryce Dineen. The purpose behind the charity is to provide individuals with a physical or mental disability, and illness or financial hardship, access and opportunity to enjoy the freedom and pleasure or our waters.

After years of planning, the Wish 4 Fish boat is afloat and sea trials have begun. The boat is a 18m alloy displacement cat powered by twin marine diesel engines.

  • Capacity for 12 wheelchair users, support staff and crew
  • Total capacity for 52 passengers
  • A specifically designed loading system to allow for wheelchair access from a wide variety of berths
  • A specifically designed wheelchair access lift to the fly bridge
  • Full loop gantry crane provided by Cubro to allow bathroom access for all levels of wheelchair user. Also allows support above the four berths for overnight trips
  • Spacious lower deck, gallery and flybridge to allow ease of access for wheelchair users and sufficient cover in all weather conditions.

“This is New Zealand’s boat, it’s bigger than any individual, this is for the community” says Bryce. Over the next 12 months the Wish 4 Fish team will take out over 1,000 people with disabilities or mental unwellness on the water for a day’s fishing.

We have enjoyed following the boat’s journey and are excited to see the joy it brings to those that have the opportunity to head out, thanks to Bryce and his team’s incredible efforts.   

To nominate someone, you know for an unforgettable fishing experience visit: https://www.wish4fish.co.nz/beneficiary-trips/