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Milano ® Sanitisable medical keyboard
  • Code(s): SMK-B
Milano ® Sanitisable medical mouse
  • Code(s): SMM-B
Milano® Adjustable notebook or laptop holder
  • Code(s): VVN
Milano® Keyboard and mouse holder
  • Code(s): EKB
Milano® Magnetic label holder
  • Code(s): VMH
Milano® Multi-adjustable notebook or laptop holder
  • Code(s): VLN
Milano® Screen holder
  • Code(s): MSC
Milano® Short arm monitor holder set
  • Code(s): EVC
Milano® Support monitor holder
  • Code(s): VLP
Milano® Universal tablet holder with adjustable connector
  • Code(s): ETS, ETS12
VPR-2 screw kits
  • Code(s): ZZ0687039
Adjustment Knob To Suit VVN and VLN Laptop Holders
  • Code(s): ZZ0687047
Milano® X-GRIP Universal Tablet Holder rubber tips
  • Code(s): ZZETH001