Flexible storage system delivers for Hutt Valley Hospital

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Even the most minor of procedures can require a multitude of sterile supplies – which is why Hutt Valley Hospital has carefully thought out how to organise their brand new sterile storeroom.

The hospital opened a new Procedure Suite in April 2023 which features five theatres to perform minor surgery under local anesthetic such as skin lesions, hand and finger injuries, carpal tunnel and gynaecology procedures.

The suite’s sterile instruments, trays and consumables are kept in a 3m x 5m storeroom which Cubro has fitted out with ISO modular racks and baskets, and a double Hera cart which is light and easy to manoeuvre.

Associate Clinical Nurse Manager Rachel Cameron says a lot of planning and thought has gone into designing the storage space. “Our project team and clinical lead had a vision for the sterile stores that was well-organised, versatile and modern. Annette from Cubro presented a great storage system and solution.”

The shelving height is easy to adjust and baskets can simply be moved from one shelf to another depending on clinical needs. Each basket is colour-coded for different specialties, with a generic colour used to identify general consumable items. Dividers have also been added to maximise the space within each basket and separate different sizes or types of sterile surgical supplies.

“We have a double Hera cart which is compatible with our shelving system. This allows equipment to be easily transferred from the sterile stores room to the procedure rooms for restocking purposes,” Rachel explains. “Each basket is also barcoded. We’ve worked out what our minimum and maximum supply of each product is, and we use a barcode scanner to easily check our stock levels and order accordingly.”

“The good thing is you can just move baskets around if something doesn’t make sense. Now we have all our blades and cutting tools in one place, and all our skin prep and solutions in another place. And it’s easy to just add some more shelves so you can build on your stock over time. It’s very flexible.”

"The flexibility this storage system provides has allowed the clinical team to make adjustments to the storeroom’s layout as time’s gone by."

Each basket is designed with holes to prevent dust from collecting. This works in conjunction with the storeroom’s positive pressure air system which creates a constant flow of air from the inside of the room to the outside, so contaminants do not enter. All baskets and shelves are easy to clean, and the Hera cart has a fully sealed aluminum structure to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Rachel says Cubro has been excellent to deal with, providing good guidance around storage products that would best suit Hutt Valley Hospital’s needs.

“Having a rep like Annette who is really invested in her work and customers can assist in making a vision a reality. As she has worked and been in many different healthcare environments, she has the experience and eye for design and detail. She really listens to customers and is honest. She has great rapport and communication skills and followed up on all our questions.”

The new Procedure Suite helps take the pressure off surgical waiting lists by freeing up space in the hospital’s main theatres. “We’re really happy with the system. We love it.”

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