UV-C air purification is your best defence against COVID-19.

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Protect those in your care from COVID-19 and other harmful viruses with our world-class air purification systems that harness the power of breakthrough UV-C technology. UV-C solutions can safely inactivate 99.99% of SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in the air of a room within 10 minutes.¹ UV-C air purification systems are already used to effectively protect those in high-risk environments like hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, and schools. 

Invest in the right technology

There’s a lot of hype about air purifiers and pure air. While standard air purifiers can remove some contaminants in the air, UV-C technology is proven to kill 99.99% of viruses that are both in the air and on surfaces. Simply put, air purification solutions with UV-C plus medical grade HEPA filters, provides the best possible defence against COVID-19.

UV-C solutions can safely inactivate 99.99% of SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in the air of a room within 10 minutes.


Proven benefits of UV-C



All bacteria and viruses tested to date respond to UV-C disinfection.² UV-C is cost efficient to install and maintain.

Trusted by experts

Trusted by experts

Leading infection control experts effectively use UV-C to prevent transmission in hospitals around the world.

Kind on the environment

Kind on the environment

Our UV-C solutions emit no ozone gases during or after use.



Our UV-C products come with physically integrated equipment or time safeguards, or are otherwise to be installed with containment safeguards, to enable safe operation.

World-class solutions that protect those you care for

Upper Air UV-C is the global gold standard in safe air sterilisation and is used in leading healthcare organisations throughout the world. It is also backed by leading infection control experts in New Zealand and is currently being used to protect patients from COVID-19 and other airborne viruses at Southern DHB.

Philips UV-C Upper Air disinfector + EOLIS (HEPA filter) air purifiers with UV-C

Proven, fast and effective ways to help protect people from harmful bacteria and viruses. Upper air solutions are designed for large health care organisations like hospitals, Aged Care facilities and/or education like Universities, while HEPA air purifiers with UV-C can be used to provide extra protection and are also ideal for use in rooms or smaller spaces. 
Key benefits
  • Quietly and effectively deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria with Philips UV-C (253.7nm) lamps
  • Radiates UV-C in the upper part of rooms, where it does not reach people directly
  • Allows disinfection of a large volume of air while business activity continues
  • Cost effective and easy to maintain and install


What is UV-C and how does it work?

UV-C lighting is a proven disinfectant for air, surfaces and water that is effective and fast. UV-C lighting can be applied in many applications ranging from disinfecting hospitals, aged care facilities, to disinfecting offices, universities or schools. From helping to eradicating viruses on trains and buses to the quick disinfection of objects such as laptops and phones. 

Case study: World leading air purification at Dunedin Hospital

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Air purifiers are a useful addition for added protection. It is really important to know what you're looking for to ensure you choose the right one. There's a lot of hype around air purifiers with various claims and features that are difficult to understand. We want to help you choose the best solution to protect those in your care so have together a checklist of the key features to look for when evaluating options. Check the box in the form to get access to our checklist. 

Understanding the science behind the solution: Philips UV-C whitepaper

Validating the effectiveness of UV-C light sources on inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19.

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¹  According to results obtained from a laboratory test conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis, a CAP, CLIA, AABB Certified Safety Reference Laboratory, in a room with sufficient air circulation.
² Fluence (UV Dose) Required to Achieve Incremental Log Inactivation of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Algae Revised, updated and expanded by Adel Haji Malayeri, Madjid Mohseni, Bill Cairns and James R. Bolton. With earlier contributions by Gabriel Chevrefils (2006) and Eric Caron (2006) With peer review by Benoit Barbeau, Harold Wright (1999) and Karl G. Linden.


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